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Whitepaper Excerpt: Counterfeit Vices – The Toll They Take on Health & Revenues

RBA finds counterfeiting is always a problem, even when it isn't

Man indicted for selling fake pills from China, India

Making MAGIC... and Protecting It.

A wrinkle in the authenticity of Botox products

Dark web counterfeit coupon kingpin caught by the FBI

Surgeons and hospitals accused of using counterfeit spinal hardware

Fake oxycontin leads to a number of overdoses in Canada

Counterfeit cosmetics costing businesses and killing jobs

Keeping it real: 2014 counterfeit seizure statistics released

Etsy finds how badly counterfeits can hurt business

Chinese consumers want authentic products

Uphold Your Identity

Counterfeit handbags still ubiquitous

Counterfeit DVDs and CDs still an issue

Counterfeiters likely to crack into the NCAA's seasonal windfall of cash

With fake SD cards around, your memory is fading faster than you think

Counterfeiters will target anything, even toys

Counterfeiting news roundup: Feb. 2015

Counterfeit Cialis and questions of counterfeit drugs

NFL fans warned about counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise

Tor, the Deep Web and Bitcoin: New technology used to sell fakes

Counterfeiting news roundup: Jan. 2015

Counterfeits Using All Consumer Channels for the Holidays

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Will a MAP Help You Find Your Way? - Part One

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Enforcement Against Counterfeiters

Emerging Transaction Card Technologies: EMV

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The Increasing Sophistication of Counterfeiters

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FDA Cracks Down on Sites Selling Counterfeit Drugs

News: 20,000+ Counterfeit Christian Louboutin Shoes Confiscated

SMS Audio™ Turns up the Volume on its Fight Against Counterfeiting with OpSec Security, Inc.

Outdoor Gear: An End-of-Summer Snapshot

Klipsch Joins Forces with OpSec Security to Combat Counterfeiting

News: ICE-Led IPR Center Seizes 70 Websites Duping Consumers into Buying Counterfeit Merchandise

It's World Anti-Counterfeiting Day: Do you know where your drugs come from?

News: Burberry Earns $100 Million In Counterfeiting Lawsuit

Black Market Trade in Tickets for Euro 2012 in Full Swing

News: 8 Food Frauds On Your Shopping List

News: California Man Charged With Trafficking Counterfeit Computer Software

News: Making It & Faking It

News Round-Up 3/21/2012

News: CFDA & Ebay Team Up To Put An End To Counterfeits

News: Chinese National Gets 7 Years In Prison

News Round-Up 3/12/12

Why Protect Your Brand Online?

News: Feds in NJ: 29 Arrests Made in $325 Million Counterfeit Goods Operation

News Round-Up 3/2/2012

OpSec News Round-Up 2/27/2012

Avastin Scandal Throws a Spotlight on Trade-Activity Monitoring

News Round-Up 2/22/2012

News:Recent Counterfeit Drug Warning in US

News Round-Up 2/15/2012

News Round-Up 2/10/2012

News Round-Up 2/8/2012

News Round-Up 2/3/2012


News Round-Up 1/30/2012

News Round-Up 1/25/2012

News Round-Up 1/20

News: 7 Charged as F.B.I. Closes a Top File-Sharing Site

News 1/18: iPad 5 4G, iPhone Clamshell and other Apple Rip-offs Found in Laos

News Round-Up 1/17/2012

News Round-Up 1/12/2012

Press Release: Counterfeit Tablets Crowd Market as CES 2012 Kicks Off

News Round-Up 1/10/2012

News: CBP, ICE Release Report on 2011 Counterfeit Seizures

News Round-Up 01/05/2012

2011: The Year In Counterfeiting

News Round-Up 01/03/2012

News: GoDaddy's Support For Bill Draws Customers' Ire

News Round-Up 12/29/2011

News Round-Up 12/27/2011

US, Mexico seize more than $80 million during Operation Holiday Hoax

News Round-Up 12/22/2011

USTR Issues Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of Notorious Markets

News Round-Up 12/20/2011

Logical Next Step: Fake Luxury-Brand Shopping Bags

OpSec News Round-Up 12/7/2011


OpSec News Round-Up 12/7/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 12/1/2011


OpSec News Round-Up 11/29/2011

NEWS: Operation In Our Sites Protects American Online Shoppers, Cracks Down on Counterfeiters

NEWS: MLB Partners with OpSec Security to Protect Brand, Intellectual Property

OpSec News Round-Up 11/21/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 11/17/2011

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OpSec News Round-Up 11/10/2011

OpSec Security News Round-Up 11/3/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 11/1/2011





OpSec News Round-Up 10/27/2011

NEWS: VisionTech Administrator Sentenced to Prison for Role in Sales of Counterfeit Circuits Destined to US Military

OpSec News Round-Up 10/25/2011


OpSec News Round-Up 10/20/2011

FY 2011: ICE Announces Year-End Removal Numbers, Highlights Focus on Key Priorities Including Threats To Public Safety and National Security



OpSec News Round-Up 10/18/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 10/13/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 10/11/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 10/6/2011

NEWS:Raccoon Dogs Brutally Torturned For Fake UGGS

OpSec News Round-Up 10/4/2011


OpSec News Round-Up 9/29/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 9/27/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 9/22/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 9/20/2011

OpSec News Round-Up: 9/16/2011

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OpSec News Round-Up 8/30/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 8/25/2011

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OpSec News Round-Up 8/16/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 8/11/11

OpSec News Round-Up 8/4/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 8/2/2011

NEWS: Fighting Counterfeiting with Holograms

OpSec News Round-Up 7/28/11

OpSec News Round-Up 7/26/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 7/21/2011

OpSec News Round-Up 7/19/2011

NEWS: Five Men Killed in Boston Industrial Estate Explosion

NEWS: eBay and the Council of Fashion Designers of America Collaborate to Declare "You Can't Fake Fashion" with Exlusive Collection of Summer Totes

OpSec News Round-Up 7-14-2011

OpSec News Round-Up 7-12-2011

NEWS: Man Was Lynchpin in Supply of Fake Viagra From China

NEWS: Philip Morris USA Sues New York Retailers for Selling Counterfeit Cigarettes

NEWS: The War on Counterfeit Prescription Drugs

NEWS: MLB, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Police Department and Homeland Security Investigations Form Coalition to Protect Fans from Counterfeit MLB All-Star Game Merchandise and Tickets

NEWS: Fake Purses, Real Money: Louis Vuitton's Massive Canadian Counterfeiting Award

NEWS: Cross-Straits Fakes Bedevil Xiamen's Gulangyu Island


NEWS: GI Status Gives Scotch Whisky New High in India

NEWS: Police Warn Over Counterfeit Vodka

NEWS: Three Companies Fined $2.5-Million for Knock-Off Louis Vuitton and Burberry Bags

NEWS: 245,600 Fake Items Seized in Dubai

NEWS: Degradation and What it Means to the Supply Chain

NEWS: Customs Bureau Seizes P50M Fake Footwear, Audio Gears


NEWS: Levi's: California Leads Fight Against Counterfeit Apparel Goods

NEWS: Reader Comment Leads Trading Standards to Dodgy Goods at Market Near the Walnuts

NEWS: 2 Pa. Men Indicted: Allegedly Trafficked Bogus Sex Pills

NEWS: Highly Convincing Counterfeit Handbags are Severely Embarassing Innocent, Bargain-Hungry New York Women

NEWS: Quiapo Muslim Community Turns Over P10M Worth of Fake Goods to Officials

NEWS: Fashion Fakes Get More Sophisticated - The Finer Art of Faking It

NEWS: Philippines Destroys Fake Handbags, Pirated DVDs that Could Have Been Worth Millions

NEWS: Philip Morris International: Illicit Cigarettes In EU Reach Record Levels In 2010: KPMG Study Shows Annual Consumption Up By 5.1% To An Estimated 64 Billion Units

NEWS: Fake Giants' Gear Headed to Haiti

NEWS: Counterfeit Goods are Seized at Car Boot Raid

NEWS: Counterfeit Crackdown at Burnley Market

NEWS: Market Traders Sentenced for Selling Fake Goods

NEWS: Counterfeit Watches Seized at UPS Facility

NEWS: U.S. Spies Can't Stop Buying Fake Microchips from China

NEWS: Men Jailed for Selling Counterfeit Scania Merchandise at Truckfest

NEWS: Canada Goose Takes Steps to Fight Counterfeiting

NEWS: EU Launches an Action Plan to Fight Against Smuggling of Cigrettes and Alcohol Along the EU Eastern Border

NEWS: Take That Birmingham Fakes and the Criminal Gang Links

NEWS: Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Fake Microsoft Software

NEWS: Stall Trader Jailed for Selling Fake Goods

NEWS: Distributors Struggle Against Pirate DVD Industry

NEWS: £50,000 Fake Luxury Goods Seized at Cumbrian Horse Fair

NEWS: Two Arrested for Counterfeit EDC Wristband Scam

NEWS: More Kenyans Turning to Counterfeit Spare Parts

NEWS: Bid to Plug Fake Electronic Sales

NEWS: Shirt Retailer in Hampton Faces Charges of Counterfeiting

NEWS: Fake Cigarettes Go Up in Smoke

NEWS: Flushing Men Smuggled Cigs for $135K

NEWS: Chewing Gum Found in 'Wine' Bottle Bought in Liverpool

NEWS: Raid Yields 170,000 Fake Auto Parts in Ajman

NEWS: Federal Law Enforcement and Industry Experts Call for Heightened Awareness and Increased Collaboration to Combat Threat of Counterfeit Products

NEWS: Potential Poisons Found in Counterfeit Toys

NEWS: Vow to Continue Fake Goods Raids

NEWS: Ghana Blames Chinese Companies for Dumping Fake Anti-Malaria Drugs

NEWS: Swindon Crackdown on Fake Tobacco and Alcohol Sales

NEWS: Spain Busts Ring Peddling Pirated Goods

NEWS: 50 Charged in Fight Against IPR Violation

NEWS: Counterfeit Cialis May Pose Serious Risk to Those With Heart Condition

NEWS: Feds Raid Flea Market For Fake Cosmetics

NEWS: Police Seize $100,000 Worth of Counterfeit Shoes and Purses

NEWS: 3 Accused of Selling Counterfeit Nikes, Gucci

NEWS: Council Seizes Fake Alcohol Bottles From Traders

NEWS: Golf Consumers Beware: Online Counterfeiting on the Rise

NEWS: Baltimore Store Owner Sentenced to 39 Months in Prison for Selling Counterfeit Luxury Apparel and Accessories

NEWS: Be Alert to Dodgy Whisky Risk

NEWS: Philip Morris USA Sues Miami Retailers to Combat Counterfeit Cigarette Sales

NEWS: Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Items

NEWS: Chinese Court Convicts Three for Selling Counterfeit Columbia Sportswear; Criminals Face 6-10 Months in Jail, Plus Fines

NEWS: Police Say Bad Speller was Selling Counterfeit 'MOVES'

NEWS: UK Trial for Three Accused of Seretide Counterfeiting Underway

NEWS: Counterfeit Drugs on the Ghanaian Market

NEWS: 2 Suspects Accused of Using Craigslist for iPhone Scam

NEWS: Three Fifths of Holidaymakers Bring Back Fake Goods

NEWS: Man Gets Three Years for Selling Counterfeit CDs and DVDs

NEWS: Morrow Police Bust Counterfeit Electronics Ring

NEWS: Fifth Member of CD and DVD Counterfeiting Ring in Atlanta Sentenced to Prison

NEWS: Lake City Officers Seize Counterfeit Bags at Farm Festival

NEWS: Rogue Traders Will 'Fleece the Streets' as Trading Standards Are Cut

NEWS: Detecting Counterfeit Electronic Components

NEWS: Bruins Gear Going Fast, But Watch Out For Counterfeiters

NEWS: Cheap Knockoffs and Counterfeits Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

NEWS: Counterfeit Vodka That Can Make People Blind Seized By Trading Standards

NEWS: Swoop on Conran Street Market in Harpurhey Nets Haul of Fake Goods

NEWS: Shopkeeper Fined For Tobacco Haul

NEWS: US Calls On China To Help Resolve Counterfeit Components Problem

NEWS: Look How Easy it is to Import Counterfeit Chinese Cigarettes

NEWS: CBP Seizes More Than 100,000 Fake Goods at Otay Mesa Border

NEWS: Man Charged in Counterfeit Viagra Scheme

NEWS: Fake Drugs Worth Rs 40 Lakh Seized

NEWS: Agencies Join to Target Counterfeit Military Parts

NEWS: Golf Consumers Beware: Online Counterfeiting on the Rise

NEWS: Biloxi man accused of selling counterfeit CDs, DVDs

News: Hundreds Of Counterfeit Sports Items Seized

News:New Counterfeit Target: Golf Equipment

NEWS: Coach Hits Counterfeiters With Clutch of Coture Complaints

NEWS: Tory Burch Awarded $164 Million Judgment Against Internet Counterfeiters

NEWS: Officials Warn Fans: Don't Get Faked Out

NEWS: Slough Borough Council: Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized

NEWS: Three Arrested in Vacaville in Fake Jewelry Case

NEWS: Buyer Beware of Counterfeit NBA Tickets

NEWS: Internet Piracy and How to Stop It

NEWS: 'Death Trap' Fire Warning Over Mobile Phone Chargers

NEWS: Bromley Trading Standards Swoop on Counterfeit Goods at Chislehurst Boot Sale

NEWS: Fake GHD Hair Straighteners Seized in Trading Standards Raids

NEWS: Police Seize Dhs14M Worth of Fake Goods

NEWS: European Falsified Meds Directive: Implications for Manufacturers

NEWS: Beaverton Man Gets Probation Involving Counterfeit Chanel and Louis Vuitton Wallets on eBay

NEWS: Man Arrested for Trying to Sell Fake Sex Pills

NEWS: Counterfeit Auto Parts Market Thriving

NEWS: Trading Standards Net £2K of Fake Goods

NEWS: $40K of Fake Goods Seized From Store

NEWS: Vodka Made from Anti-Freeze Among Norfolk Counterfeit Seizures

NEWS: Customs Raid Illegal Tobacco 'Factory' in Glasgow House

NEWS: Three charged With Selling Counterfeit Yankees, Syracuse, North Face, Uggs Merchandise in Fulton

NEWS: The Real Price of Counterfeit Goods: The Harm to Canadians

NEWS: NBA, Police Crackdown on Counterfeit Vendors During Dallas Mavericks Playoff Games

NEWS: Jockey Lot Raid Yields $250K In Counterfeits

NEWS: Chinese Man Sentenced in Weight-loss Drug Scam

NEWS: Fake Phone Chargers a Fire Risk

NEWS: Fake Auto Parts - The Challenges Before Lawmakers

NEWS: Police and Trading Standards Seize Counterfeit Clothing and Footwear at Hempsted Car Boot

NEWS: Counterfeiting: Silence of the Brands Hides Fight Against Fakes

NEWS: Criminals in Egypt Make Killing From Fake Drugs

NEWS: $600k in Fake Goods Destroyed

NEWS: Wine Scam Probe After Store Raid in County

NEWS:Home of Country Music Clamps Down on Entertainment Piracy

NEWS: Android Malware: Beware Pirated Apps

NEWS: 2 Arrested in ICE Probe Targeting Major LA-area Chinese Video Store

NEWS: Two Individuals Convicted of Importing and Selling Counterfeit Cisco Computer Networking Equipment

NEWS: Shopping mall raided; 5 million baht in counterfeit clothes seized

NEWS: Two Convicted in U.S. Over Counterfeit Cisco Gear

NEWS: Detroiter accused of hustling fake Viagra

NEWS: 5 Arrested in Counterfeit Goods Case

NEWS: Man Arrested For Selling Counterfeit NBA Merchandise

NEWS: Phoenix police seize counterfeit merchandise

NEWS: Counterfeit Bill

NEWS: U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka hosts workshop on combating counterfeit drugs

NEWS: Why fake phones thrive in our market

NEWS: Owner charged with counterfeit wares

NEWS: Ala man sentenced to prison in prescription fraud

NEWS: Fake inspection stickers lead to 4 arrests

NEWS: Arcadia Man Arrested for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Chinese DVDs

NEWS: 2 men arrested in fake DVD bust

NEWS: $120k in counterfeit goods seized

NEWS: Hurt Locker producers launch record-breaking copyright lawsuit

NEWS: Counterfeit bills lead to arrest in alleged drug case

NEWS: Counterfeit US diet pill leads to hospitalizations

NEWS: Warning of fake medicine in the market

NEWS: $4 Million fare scam called biggest ever for Boston mass transit

NEWS: Quebec police seize 3,000 counterfeit hubcaps

NEWS: Pfizer's Viagra faces more counterfeit, generic attacks

NEWS: Mounties seize 115,000 counterfeit pills

NEWS: Agency to step up war on fake goods

NEWS: Dover police charge man with selling fake NASCAR shirts

NEWS: Canadian Online Pharmacy Avoids Counterfeit Online Drugs

NEWS: Spot the fakes

NEWS: 10,000 items seized as Police raid two Mike Shopping Malls

NEWS: New Jersey Couple Guilty of Selling Counterfeit Prescription Drugs Manufactured in India

NEWS: Indian-American couple pleads guilty for selling fake drugs

NEWS: Over 11,000 officials punished for violations in China

NEWS: FDA warns of fake dietary supplements

NEWS: Counterfeit medicines posing increasing risk to patients worldwide, U.N. agency says

NEWS: Manufacturers Support Legislation against counterfeiting

NEWS: Limewire Settles Suit with Record Labels for $105 million

NEWS:Text Counterfeiting threat looms over drug industry

NEWS: Police seek counterfeit watch suspect

NEWS: Counterfeit Drugs: The Science Of Telling The Real From The Fake

NEWS: FDA, ICE joint probe on illegal importation of fake Viagra

NEWS: Can People Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Handbags?

NEWS: Man gets 25 years in missile-smuggling case

NEWS: Coping with Counterfeit Electronics in Defense Supply Chain

NEWS: China ‘ready to fight counterfeit products’

NEWS: CNET and CBS sued for promoting mass piracy

NEWS: LimeWire Quotes Label Execs in Defense of Copyright Charges

NEWS: Md. man convicted of defrauding technology company sentenced in Va. to 7 years in prison

NEWS: Mall owners to face raps for fake goods

NEWS: US Trade Officials Vocal About Chinese Counterfeit Products

NEWS: EBay, Apple, Septwolves, Lime Wire: Intellectual Property

NEWS: Counterfeit Drugs: The Science Of Telling The Real From The Fake

NEWS: Be afraid: criminal counterfeiting is on the rise

NEWS: Rosetta Stone Announces Settlements with 77 Infringers for Copyright Violations

NEWS: Google & eBay is Facebook next? Failure to Police counterfeit sellers

Seizure Of The Month-Cook County police arrest nine involved in a counterfeiting operation worth thousands of dollars

NEWS: Several Men Charged With Selling Counterfeit Luxury Goods

NEWS: Four charged for selling counterfeit goods

NEWS: Pair sold sport fakes in spite of warnings

NEWS: Chin Not Backing Down On Bill To Punish Those Who Buy Counterfeit Goods

NEWS: Authorities seize $1.2 billion in counterfeit documents

NEWS: Harbor City Man Pleads Guilty To Distributing Pirated Music

NEWS: Vendors accused of selling fake Nikes

NEWS: Faux Fashion Found In Shreveport

NEWS: Counterfeit Drugs: Africa’s silent public health crisis

NEWS: Harper's Bazaar, eBay, Levi's, and More Tackle Counterfeiting

NEWS: China customs seize 4,500 items for copyright infringement

NEWS: China feeds pirated DVDs to the chipper to make a point

NEWS: People Don't Look to Buy Counterfeits, They Buy Unauthorized Copies

NEWS: Nearly 200 charged with sale of counterfeit, pirated items

NEWS: ICE releases anti-piracy PSA

NEWS: Buying A Counterfeit Designer Bag Could Soon Land You In Jail Or A $1000 Fine

NEWS: Nine held in counterfeit apparel sales ring

NEWS: US to join local battle against fake products

NEWS: Bill would bag phony-purse buyers

NEWS: 2 Va brothers sentenced for transporting thousands of counterfeit CDs, DVDs

NEWS: St. Louis County store owner accused of selling fakes

NEWS: 243 seizures of counterfeit goods since the beginning of the year

NEWS: Michigan Woman Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Software Online

Book Review: The Fake Factor – Why We Love Brand but Buy Fakes Sarah McCartney

NEWS: Suspected fake goods seized in market raid

NEWS: Counterfeit goods salesman convicted again

NEWS: Cook County police arrest 9 men for counterfeit apparel ring worth thousands of dollars

NEWS: UK gets green light to tackle online piracy

Book Review: A Sick Business – Counterfeit Medicine and Organized Crime by Graham Satchwell

NEWS: Alexandria man, seven others, sentenced for selling counterfeit pro sports jerseys

NEWS: Sports Minded Owner Sentenced After Selling Counterfeit Sportswear

NEWS: Counterfeit Goods Seized At Anderson Jockey Lot

NEWS: Man sentenced in counterfeiting case

NEWS: ‘Catch Me If You Can’ Ex-Con Frank Abagnale to Speak at Harper's Bazaar Anti-Counterfeit Summit

NEWS: Behind the Largest Counterfeit Audio Sting in History

NEWS: Counterfeit products hit by raids

NEWS: Biden speaks out against content piracy

NEWS: UK counterfeiter sentenced to eight years in jail

NEWS: Quantcast Man sentenced in counterfeiting case

NEWS: Pirate DVD haul seized

Book Review: Knockoff - The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods By Tim Phillips

NEWS: Man sentenced in local counterfeiting scheme

NEWS: Law enforcement cracking down on counterfeit goods

NEWS: Police take down rip-off artists

NEWS: Los Angeles and Long Beach ports are on the front lines of a crackdown on counterfeit goods

NEWS: Tiffany sues more counterfeit jewellery sites

NEWS: Man jailed for worst ever breach of medicines supply chain

NEWS: China nabs over 14,000 suspects in drive vs counterfeit goods

Book Review: Dangerous Doses By Katherine Eban

Book Review: Counterfeiting Exposed By Mark Turnage, David M. Hopkins, Lewis T. Kontnik

NEWS: Counterfeit software ring busted by police

NEWS: Police find $200,000 in knockoff jeans at retailer

NEWS: Counterfeit suspects arrested

NEWS: Trial Wraps Up In Spat Over Bratz Copyright

NEWS: Buffalo Grove Man Charged with Creating, Selling Counterfeit Apparel

NEWS: Ill. man charged after officials seize $250,000 in counterfeit sports gear from warehouse

NEWS: State passes anti-piracy law to help Microsoft

NEWS: Lawmakers tell Google to do more on antipiracy

How to Report Counterfeits


NEWS: Baidu to launch licensed music service in May

NEWS: China cracks down on online copyright infringements and counterfeits

NEWS: State passes anti-piracy bill to help Microsoft

Seizure of the Month - More than $1 million in counterfeit clothing seized in New Jersey

NEWS: Man accused of selling fake NCAA t-shirts

NEWS: Uganda issues alert over fake morning-after pills

NEWS: Man charged with selling counterfeit DVDs

NEWS: Police arrest 2 on counterfeiting charges

NEWS: 2 illegal immigrants plead in counterfeit case

NEWS: Fake clothing raided at Walsall's Bescot Market

NEWS: Raid in Lawkholme Lane, Keighley, nets counterfeit goods

NEWS: China drops upper limits on sentencing for counterfeit drugs

NEWS: MPAA praises ICE domain seizures, supports tougher penalties

NEWS: Senate committee turns up heat on counterfeit parts in the military

NEWS: Dollar Store Raid Turns Up Counterfeit Goods

NEWS: Copyright cops hunting Web pirates

NEWS: Google to testify on piracy before House subcommittee

NEWS: Life Imprisonment for Indians Shipping Fake Drugs to Nigeria

NEWS: Louisville business busted for over $200,000 of counterfeit items

NEWS: Counterfeit designer clothes donated to charities

NEWS: Fugitive sought in gun sight counterfeiting scheme, believed to be in China

NEWS: Baidu Takes Authors' Fire

NEWS: Global recorded music sales fall almost $1.5bn amid increased piracy

NEWS: More than $1.6 million in counterfeit clothing seized in major factory raid

NEWS: Suspended sentence for selling counterfeit computer games

NEWS: Supply Chain Management and Brand Protection

NEWS: NJ State Police seize alleged counterfeit clothing

NEWS: Mississippi Governor Signs Anticounterfeiting Bill Into Law

NEWS: Court penalizes Web design firm that helped sell knock-offs

NEWS: Buyers beware as fake iPads go on sale

NEWS: Golf Digest takes a look at counterfeit golf clubs

NEWS: The Lighter Side of Counterfeiting Puts Zippo in a Fix

NEWS: Counterfeit Product Seizures Grew 34% in 2010

NEWS: Counterfeit clippings: global news round-up

NEWS: Police find warehouses of counterfeit goods

NEWS: Apple sues Amazon over 'Appstore' name, alleging trademark infringement

NEWS: Motorola cautions against buying fake products

NEWS: Police arrest man after more than 100 counterfeit items seized from home

NEWS: Digital Act heads to High Court

NEWS: LimeWire demise slows music piracy

NEWS: Google fined €100K for data piracy

NEWS: Digital Economy Act: 'rushed' anti-piracy laws delayed until 2012

NEWS: Counterfeit goods donated to charity in County Durham

NEWS: 15 pharmacists indicted over selling fake Viagra

NEWS: China overwhelming U.S. with counterfeit goods

NEWS: Flea Market Fakes: 'GMA' Goes Undercover at N.C. Sting of Counterfeit Merchandise

NEWS: Web Host Found Liable in Customer Counterfeit Case

NEWS: Keeping counterfeits out of ads

NEWS: Counterfeit parts in supply chain rising

NEWS: ICE and CBP release 2010 report on counterfeit seizures

NEWS: 40,000 pairs of counterfeit shoes sent for destruction

NEWS: Ottawa man charged after counterfeit software seizure

NEWS: Seattle handbag seller caught with 33,700 fakes

NEWS: Consumer Rights Day marks end of fake fashion items

NEWS: Google Takes Aim at Counterfeit AdWords Ads

NEWS: White House wants stiffer penalties for online piracy

NEWS: AP Slapped With Suit Over Bomb Video

NEWS:Obama Admin Wants to Make Illegal Streaming a Felony

Commentary: The High Price of Counterfeits

NEWS: Senate Judiciary to consider drug counterfeiting

NEWS: Md. brothers sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison for counterfeiting scheme

NEWS: Google fights ads for counterfeit goods

NEWS: Group Challenges Arrest of Man for 'Linking to Other Websites'

NEWS: China e-commerce giant launches campaign to fight online piracy

NEWS: U.S. Lawmakers Told Stronger Methods Needed to Stop Web Piracy

NEWS: Three Men Arrested For International Supply Of Counterfeit Medicine

NEWS: The fight against counterfeit drugs

NEWS: 3,000 arrests in fakes crackdown

NEWS: How to safely order medication online

NEWS: The 10 Most Counterfeited Products Sold in America

NEWS: NFL bolsters legal team for court battle

NEWS: Huge rise in hauls of
 counterfeit products

NEWS: The difficult fight against counterfeit drugs

NEWS: Man Arrested In DVD Piracy Case

NEWS: Lime Wire wins limit on damages to record labels

NEWS: Man was selling fake watches on Craigslist

NEWS: Senate panel to probe counterfeit military parts problem

NEWS: Car Crash Leads To Discovery Of Counterfeit Goods

NEWS: Facebook Movies: Won't kill piracy, but may help reduce it

NEWS: Lawmakers ask Biden to raise online piracy during Russia trip

NEWS: Massive counterfeit luxury goods case could lead to huge fines

NEWS: Louis Vuitton and Burberry file lawsuit against Canadian firms selling fake goods

NEWS: Huge increase in seized counterfeit products

NEWS: Lime Wire and music publishers settle copyright case

NEWS: Dubai shows zero tolerance for fakes

NEWS: Flea market fakes land three people in jail

NEWS: Counterfeit Goods Worth £200,000 Seized at Donington Market

NEWS: Nation of unrepentant pirates costs $900m

NEWS: Pharmaceutical Industry Battling Counterfeit Drugs

NEWS: Police shut down Richmond Hill clothing store

NEWS: Pinned for criminal copyright infringement

Seizure Of The Month-Authorities Seized Shipment of 2012 Summer Olymipc Counterfeit Goods

NEWS: Fake printers, cartridges worth Dh14m seized

NEWS: Philippines admits fight against counterfeit goods suffering

NEWS: Counterfeit clippings: Global news round-up

NEWS: Police seize $2m in fake fashion goods

NEWS: Texas man involved in software piracy conspiracy is sentenced

NEWS: HSI agents arrest website operator that illegally streamed copyrighted sporting events

NEWS: Business as usual despite 'notorious market' label

NEWS: ICC says Sri Lankan police have arrested 12 over counterfeit World Cup merchandise

NEWS: U.S. Chamber Welcomes Release of USTR’s Notorious Market Out-of-Cycle Review

NEWS: Cialis counterfeiter jailed for 40 months

NEWS: Fighting back against the fakes

NEWS: Counterfeit merchandise seized

NEWS: U.S. calls China's Baidu 'notorious market'

NEWS: Six million counterfeit Viagra tablets seized at Heathrow in 2010

NEWS: US slams Baidu, Pirate Bay for aiding piracy

Bakersfield man indicted for trafficking of counterfeit goods

Commentary: OpSec participates in NBA Cares "Day of Service"

NEWS: Fake Olympic clothing goods found in Oxford Street raid

NEWS: Listen to internet users before setting rules on piracy

NEWS: Music store operator caught with 2,800 pirated CDs, movies

NEWS: UK gang jailed for counterfeit medicines plot

NEWS: Louisiana man sentenced for trafficking counterfeit New Orleans Saints jerseys

NEWS: LAX customs inspectors nab 5,400 counterfeit M.A.C. makeup brushes from China

NEWS: Customs Officers Seize Counterfeit Viagra, Other ED Drugs at Kennedy Airport

NEWS: Court Bars Streaming of TV Programming Online

Press Release: OpSec Security Selected by Canada Goose to Put Counterfeiters on Ice

NEWS: Kindle e-book piracy accelerates

NEWS: IHMA welcomes EU moves to bolster anti-counterfeit laws

NEWS: U.S. Sets 21st-Century Goal: Building a Better Patent Office

NEWS: Europe votes in new anti-counterfeit law

Commentary: The NBA Scores Big Against Counterfeiters

NBA TO FANS: Beware of Counterfeiters at NBA All-Star Game 2011

NEWS: Counterfeit DVDs, clothing seized from local stores

NEWS: EU Parliament backs tougher counterfeit drugs laws

NEWS: Curling hero fined $30,000 in U.S. for fake Viagra sales

NEWS: Movies, TV May Be Priced Too High to Deter Piracy, Survey Finds

NEWS: Spain Approves New Law to Battle Internet Piracy

NEWS: 70% of Those Who Pirate Content Have Streamed a Stolen Movie in Past Six Months

NEWS: Local businessman admits to selling counterfeit purses

NEWS: Will Verizon, Visa support Senate antipiracy bill?

Recent Major Cases of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

NEWS: 8 arrested for DVD, CD piracy

NEWS: “Targeting Websites Dedicated To Stealing American Intellectual Property”

News: Police bust Memphis salon for selling counterfeit handbags

NEWS: Man accused of selling counterfeit designer clothing in Houston area

NEWS: "Operation Broken Hearted" protects consumers from counterfeit Valentine's Day goods

NEWS: WHO to develop technical definitions on counterfeit medical products

NEWS: Feds confiscate counterfeits, some could be dangerous

NEWS: Fight Against Piracy Continues. Next on list- Digital Storage Sites

NEWS: Business reboots copyright law

NEWS: MPAA Charges Digital Storage Site With Encouraging Piracy

NEWS: Customs seized $2.6 million in fake glasses

NEWS: Obama Executive Order: Establishment of the IP Enforcement Advisory Committees

NEWS: LA Sheriff's crack down on fake cigarettes

NEWS: CBS4 Investigates Black Market Diabetes Test Strips

NEWS: The Partners in Copyright Crime

NEWS: Will Google testify at Senate antipiracy hearing?

NEWS: Raid on Stoke-on-Trent pub nets £60,000 of fake goods

NEWS: Local man headed to prison for selling counterfeit name-brand goods

NEWS: Hollywood studios sue Hotfile over copyright

NEWS: Lawsuits in Fla., England Related to Elvis Music

NEWS: White House will propose new digital copyright laws

NEWS: Fake Louis Vuitton goods worth $34.6 million destroyed in Philippines

NEWS: Counterfeit goods at the airport of Florence

NEWS: Large quantities of fake goods seized

NEWS: Selling Fake Super Bowl Merchandise

NEWS: Impacts of counterfeiting and piracy to reach US$1.7 trillion by 2015

NEWS: Europe, US “using fake drugs crisis to boost pharma profits”

NEWS: Fake iPods and iPhones are seized from downtown warehouses

NEWS: Another Super Bowl custom: Busting flea markets full of fake gear

NEWS: Police Confiscate Counterfeit Items From 2 Stores

NEWS: Ron Wyden questions sports site take-down

NEWS: Counterfeiting and piracy "a trillion-dollar market"

Seizure of the Month –Feds seize $2.2 million in counterfeit luxury goods, electronics at airport

NEWS: New York investigators seize 10 websites that illegally streamed copyrighted sporting and pay-per-view events

NEWS: Feds seize sports websites before Super Bowl

NEWS: Sixth Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy opens in Paris.

NEWS: Chinese national pleads guilty to trafficking counterfeit pharmaceutical weight-loss drug

Commentary: Securing the Apparel and Footwear Supply Chain

NEWS: Interpol seizes fake goods worth $200 million in South America

NEWS: Merchant killed over sales of fake handbags

NEWS: Fake branded bags seized from Worli mall

NEWS: Pirated content almost 25% of Internet traffic

The Dangers of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

NEWS: Is Europe Losing the Fight Against Internet Pirates?

NEWS: NYC, The capital of the counterfeiting

NEWS: North Texas law enforcement officials on guard for counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise

NEWS: Counterfeit spare parts seized

NEWS: 2 Va. brothers plead to copyright infringement

NEWS: Belgian Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Counterfeit Drugs

NEWS: U.S. agents seize $40,000 worth of fake NFL jerseys at swap meet

NEWS: CCTV Tries to Pass Off ‘Top Gun’ Clip as Military Drill?

NEWS: Google starts to introduce promised new anti-piracy measures

NEWS: MPAA Shuts Down 50+ Torrent Sites in Global Sting

NEWS: Obama Mentions Inventors and Patents in State of the Union

NEWS: In Awards Season, Movie Leakers Are 'Enemy Within'

NEWS: Google blocks piracy terms in instant search

NEWS: Canada needs tougher drug patent protection

NEWS: Tiffany sues websites for infringement

NEWS: Suspected Counterfeit Drug Distributor Held In New Zealand

NEWS: Feds seize $2.2 million in counterfeit luxury goods, electronics at airport

NEWS: Government clampdown on illegal downloading moves a step closer

NEWS: WHO Members Show Dismay At Delay On Counterfeit Medicines

NEWS: Fake Thumpy, Squeaky in custody as lawyers for Pillow Pets seek damages for counterfeit items

NEWS: Digital Economy Act progresses through Parliament

NEWS: 2 Charged With Selling Fake Brand-Name Clothes

NEWS: Fake phones not all from China: Nokia

NEWS: Music Industry Braces for the Unthinkable

NEWS: Pfizer Discovers Seven Fake Viagra Websites

NEWS: Music Piracy Is Rampant Even as Labels License Online Sites

NEWS: China improves efforts against IPR infringements, better investment climate for foreigners

NEWS: White House fetes China's President while country produces counterfeit goods

NEWS: France's Anti-Piracy Efforts Paying Off; Homeland Security Defends Domain Seizures

NEWS: Maryland man indicted for copyright infringement of commercial software programs

OpSec Security is attending the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

News: Can Your Camera Phone Turn You Into a Pirate?

Commentary: Report from CES 2011 – Fueling Online Sales with Hot Products

The Dangers of Counterfeit Consumer Electronics

NEWS: Millions of counterfeit smokes seized at LA port

NEWS: 10 Amazing Chinese Knock-Offs That Could Fool Your Grandmother

NEWS: Major Record Labels Forced to Pay $45M USD for Pirating Music

NEWS: China Could Game the U.S. in Intellectual Property

NEWS: Counterfeiting To Reach Worst Rates Yet This Year

NEWS: China Aims to Ensure Intellectual-Property Protection

NEWS: New cigarette tax stamp to combat counterfeiting

Seizure of the Month - $250,000 of clothing seized at New Orleans flea market

NEWS: China to debut measures aimed at copyright pirates

NEWS: More than $146 million of counterfeit exercise equipment seized at Savannah port

NEWS: Authorities crack down on flea market fakes

NEWS: NYC to begin antipiracy ads in cooperation with the MPAA

NEWS: Feds seize hundreds of fake Winter Classic jerseys, items

News: Thousands of Fake Designer Items Seized at Airport

News: China and Intellectual Property

NEWS: HP Battling Counterfeit Printer Supplies

NEWS: MasterCard willing to cut off pirate sites

NEWS: Homeland Security's Crackdown on Websites Trafficking Counterfeit Goods Raises Alarms

NEWS: US to target fake online pill pedlars

NEWS: Counterfeit shoes, clothes lead to arrest

NEWS: New IP Organization Will Help Solve Online Counterfeit Drug Problem

NEWS: ICE seizes more than $250,000 worth of counterfeit items at New Orleans flea market

NEWS: China Agrees to Intellectual Property Protections

NEWS: Customs agents in Vegas seize counterfeit goods

News: Piracy Fight Shuts Down Music Blogs

NEWS: IACC President to Join Administration Officials in White House Forum on Consumer Health & Safety Risks Related to Counterfeit Goods

OpSec Security Exposes Emerging Schemes by Rogue Internet Pharmacies

NEWS: AP, Microsoft, The Eagles, Dozens Of Others Side With Viacom Against YouTube

NEWS: U.S. senators press China on piracy, counterfeiting

NEWS: ICE seizes more than $100,000 worth of counterfeit items at 3 Abilene businesses

NEWS: Partnership for Safe Medicines launches Indian initiative

NEWS: Louis Vuitton sues to stop knockoffs

NEWS: Eircom continues '3-strike' policy

NEWS: Millionaire conman, 34, who sold counterfeit clothes on eBay weeps as he's sent to prison

NEWS: Words of wisdom from fighters of piracy

NEWS: Los Angeles-based Beachbody's Ongoing Battle Against Piracy Nets $2.1 Million Judgment Against New York Counterfeiter

NEWS: Undercut by Microsoft, Russia Drops Piracy Case

NEWS: DFAT Releases Final ACTA Text

NEWS: Software Piracy Still Going On...


NEWS: Beware of Buying Fake Goods Online

NEWS: Google Offers Four Step Attack Against Pirates

NEWS: Copyright Protection for Fashion Design Comes One Step Closer to Becoming Law

Seizure of the Month - “Operation In Our Sites II”

NEWS: Google to Block Piracy-Related Terms from Autocomplete

NEWS: Man 'frustrated' after iPad purchase from Best Buy

NEWS: Proposed Design Piracy Law Moves Forward

NEWS: Supreme Court Refuses To Hear File Sharing Case

NEWS: Beijing Launches Antipiracy Campaign

Childnet’s Parent & Teachers guide to enjoying digital media safely and responsibly online.

NEWS: ICE Seizes 82 Website Domains Involved in Selling Counterfeit Goods as Part of Cyber Monday Crackdown

NEWS: Collingwood Vendors Accused of Selling $500K in Counterfeit Goods

NEWS: U.S. Seizes 82 Websites on Allegations They Sold Fake Goods, Holder Says

NEWS: Supreme Court Rejects Tiffany Trademark Appeal vs eBay

NEWS: Feds Seize Websites Suspected of Online Piracy

NEWS: Market Flooded by Fake NHL Jerseys

NEWS: Online Counterfeit Sales Worry Luxury Brands

NEWS: FAST not happy with final version of ACTA

NEWS: Kill bill: Senator's opposition effectively squashes proposed online copyright law

NEWS: ICE partners with other law enforcement agencies in Mississippi to combat counterfeit pharmaceuticals

NEWS: Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee

NEWS: Pittsburgh-area man gets prison for fake Nikes

NEWS: Fitness firm wins $2.1 million in DVD piracy case

NEWS: Bill Targeting Online Counterfeiting Set To Advance In US Senate

CACN 2010 Reality Tour Press Conference

NEWS: Chinese counterfeit drug distributor sentenced to prison

NEWS: Piracy: China Still in the Game

NEWS: Christmas campaign launched to tackle fake goods

NEWS: Trading standards online counterfeit goods warning

Counterfeit Drugs: A Tough Pill to Swallow

NEWS: Spain’s biggest ever counterfeit cigarette network dismantled

NEWS: Free-Trade Zones Attract Criminals

NEWS: Net providers get Digital Economy Act judicial review

NEWS: Counterfeit drugs endanger lives in West Africa

NEWS: 400,000 counterfeit toys seized in Italy

NEWS: I-Team: 5 arrested, $10M seized in [Houston] counterfeit-goods raid

NEWS: French companies attack Google ads rules

NEWS: Ghanaian surveillance programme uncovers fake antimalarials

NEWS: CDs seized in Va. counterfeiting raid

NEWS: Chasing Pirates: Inside Microsoft’s War Room

ICE: Drug tunnel discovered in San Diego

NEWS: $1.5 million verdict in U.S. music piracy case

NEWS: Pirated Films From Nigeria Are Seized in Brooklyn

NEWS: Proliferation of counterfeit drugs more serious than drug trafficking

Commentary: Knocking Counterfeit Footwear from the Top of the List

NEWS: Russian businessman charged with fake drug spamming

NEWS: China film copyright org to tackle piracy

NEWS: Counterfeit goods a real problem, [Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network] warns

NEWS: All Eyes on France as Officials Enforce New Antipiracy Law

NEWS: Texas Man Sentenced for Selling Pirated Software Online

NEWS: Long Island Bust Nets $100,000 in Bogus Bags

NEWS: You Can Hide, but in Europe You Can’t Watch Hulu

NEWS: FURminator takes counterfeit fight global

NEWS: IPR Center participates in third annual worldwide scan of international mail for illicit pharmaceuticals sold on the Web

NEWS: Counterfeit luxury goods worth $1m seized in Burlington, Oakville, Toronto

NEWS: Man admits to selling counterfeit designer clothing at [New Orleans] store

NEWS: LimeWire has been shut down

NEWS: Unhappy Christmas: Websites praying on bargain-hunters with counterfeit presents

NEWS: Fake chips from China sold to U.S. defense contractors

Special report: Faked in China: Inside the pirates' web

NEWS: French Anti-Piracy Scheme's 25,000 Daily Reports

NEWS: Third trial to begin in $1.92M music piracy case

NEWS: Virginia man sentenced to 48 months for pirating copyrighted movies

NEWS: Farouk Systems, Inc. Awarded $300 Million Judgment Against Internet Counterfeiters

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News: Major League Baseball Tracks Memorabilia

NEWS: Yahoo!: Top 5 counterfeit goods that can harm you

NEWS: Fendi Wins One Over Counterfeiters

NEWS: China pledges to crack down on pirated software

NEWS: U.S. working with China on intellectual property rights

NEWS: Chinese National Arrested In Chattanooga On Charges Of Selling Counterfeit Airbags

NEWS: Attempt to smuggle 48,000 PlayStation games uncovered in Dubai

NEWS: Shoreline man charged in counterfeit jersey scheme

NEWS: European Union approves French’s strategy to stop music piracy

NEWS: Big media wants more piracy busting from Google

NEWS: Irish court rules in favour of ISPs in piracy case

NEWS: Major League Baseball Cracking Down On Fake Goods

NEWS: Anti-counterfeit pact text shows deal is near

COMMENTARY: Finding Common Ground for the Rogue Sites Bill

NEWS: Administration Cracking Down On Internet Piracy

NEWS: China Piracy Makes Microsoft Head Nervous

NEWS: First Anti-Piracy Warnings Issued In France

NEWS: The high cost of cheap fakes

NEWS: Countries Reach Tentative Anti-Counterfeiting Pact

NEWS: Police arrest 600, seize $50 million in fake goods in Latin America

NEWS: Senate piracy bill changed after criticism by ISPs, engineers, public advocates

NEWS: Man admits to selling counterfeit Coach, Chanel, Ralph Lauren

News: ICE Delegation Travels to Asia to build on International Investigative Enforcement Cooperation

NEWS: Customs agents seize $21 million in counterfeit items at CVG Airport

NEWS: Imperial Tobacco gives EU $300m to combat cigarette smuggling

NEWS: Google sues online pharmacies peddling fake drugs

NEWS: LVMH, Rakuten Combat Counterfeits in Online Shopping

NEWS: Chinese hospital compensates patients hurt by fake Roche drug

NEWS: Gucci Taking Counterfeit Fight to Washington

NEWS: Sony says Counterfeit PS3 controllers can explode

NEWS: Customs officials crack down on fake bags sold to cruisers in Nassau

NEWS: YouTube wins piracy case against Spanish TV

NEWS: Agents Seize $12 Million in Fake Designer Sunglasses

Commentary: Using Internet Data to Gain Insight on Product Launches

NEWS: EU Votes to Toughen Rules on Internet Piracy

NEWS: Counterfeit Olympic Games goods found at souvenir shop

NEWS: Hollywood cheers Counterfeit bill

NEWS: Bill Would Give Justice Department Power to Shutter Piracy Sites Worldwide

NEWS: 'Copycat' websites drive rise in fake products

NEWS: Clothing, movies top Canada's counterfeits

NEWS: 90 tons of fake goods destroyed in Thailand

COMMENTARY: The Truth about Counterfeit Luxury Goods

NEWS: Software piracy costs $142 billion, 500,000 jobs globally

NEWS: Case targets microchips sold to Navy

NEWS: Dan Rather: Counterfeit Prescription Drugs a Growing Threat

News: Growing problem of fake drugs hurting patients, companies

NEWS: eBay defeats Tiffany in counterfeit jewelry suit

NEWS: Counterfeit Drug Count Is Tough to Swallow

NEWS: Designer piracy takes stage at New York Fashion Week

NEWS: India becomes a hub for fake medicines

Commentary: Get Real! – Raising Awareness About Counterfeits

News: Selling Counterfeit Cisco Parts To Bureau Of Prisons Means Owner Of Syren Technology Will Now Spend Time There

News: £4m of Fake Goods Seized at Heathrow

NEWS: EU parliamentarians criticize anti-counterfeiting deal

NEWS: Eight million shoppers buy fake goods online

NEWS: European police in pirate raids

NEWS: Using radio waves to identify counterfeit drugs

NEWS: The Pros and Cons of Craigslist’s Shutdown of the Adult Services Section

NEWS: Fake chips threaten military

NEWS: Anti-Piracy Outfit Threatens To DoS Uncooperative Torrent Sites

NEWS: French Court Endorses eBay-Louis Vuitton Ruling

NEWS: Honey plot tried to duck $80M in taxes

News: Feds, local law enforcement team up to seize millions in counterfeit goods

NEWS: Obama’s Commerce Secretary Talks Tough on Music Piracy

NEWS: Southern California Counterfeit Raids Net $12 Million in Fake Goods

NEWS: MPAA spent $430,000 lobbying US government in 2Q

NEWS: E.U. Talks With China Over Intellectual Property Rights

NEWS: In China, Western Firms Keep Secrets Close

NEWS: White House calls fake pharma website meeting

NEWS: IPO to explore value of knowledge to UK economy

COMMENTARY: Recession-Friendly Counterfeiting

NEWS: Luxury leather-maker Coach sues East Side market over fake purses

NEWS: Sour grapes for Aussie wine makers

NEWS: Faking It: Why Wearing Designer Knockoffs May Have Hidden Psychological Costs

NEWS: Saudi ports seize $50m of fake goods

NEWS: RIAA pushes Google, Verizon for piracy crackdown

NEWS: Inside the Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory

NEWS: Cops bust counterfeit outfit and uncover 100,000 illicit goods worth $1 million

NEWS: U.S.-EU food fight dogs anti-counterfeiting talks

NEWS: Warning over counterfeit cosmetics in Northern Ireland

NEWS: Microsoft Spent $1.85 Million Lobbying in 2Q

NEWS: 70% fake medicines routed through UAE

NEWS: Two Ocean City Boardwalk shop owners arrested for selling counterfeit handbags, jewelry

NEWS: Fake iPads selling like hot cakes in Beijing

NEWS: Business leaders fear the upturn in counterfeit goods

NEWS: Counterfeit Condom Scheme Ends in Prison for Queens Man

NEWS: Coach targets Ocean City boardwalk shops for counterfeit sales

NEWS: Sen. Charles Schumer bill protects fashion designers

NEWS: 'Gray market' for counterfeit gadgets is red hot in China

NEWS: Suit Alleges Infringement of Anti-Piracy Software

NEWS: Google eases trademark ad policy in Europe

NEWS: DOJ Seizes Nearly $100M In Counterfeit Goods; Charges 11

NEWS: Economic Indicator - Even Cheaper Knockoffs

NEWS: Game Copiers for Nintendo DS Ruled Illegal in UK

NEWS: Fake medicine imports grow as 2.6m pack items seized on EU borders

NEWS: Jailbreaking iPhone Legal, U.S. Government Says

NEWS: Record Number of Fake £1 Coins Could Force Reissue

News: Fight against fakes: Commission publishes Annual Report on EU Customs actions to enforce intellectual property rights

Commentary: Is Your Sports Memorabilia Authentic?

NEWS: EU reports growth in fake goods from China

NEWS: China will be focus of new U.S. anti-piracy initiative

NEWS: New Internet Real Estate Available: .CO Domains Go Public

NEWS: MLB Authenticators Ready for A-Rod's 600th Homer

News: E-Books Top Hardcovers at Amazon

NEWS: Baidu Promotes Fake Drug Sites: Chinese TV Station

NEWS: France's Three-Strikes Law for Internet Piracy Hasn't Brought Any Penalties

News: Global Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Market Booms

News: Amazon Kindle: The Counterfeiting Risks of Offshore Sourcing

News: New Hampshire Gov Signs Bill on Counterfeit Goods

News: International Anti-Counterfeiting Talks Hit Snags says EU

News: 2 Get Prison For Roles In Counterfeit Nike Ring

NEWS: Beijing Cracks Down on Piracy

Commentary: Case Clothesed

NEWS: Pfizer Spies Find Spanish Villa, Gold Rolex in Fake Viagra Bust

NEWS: Microsoft Cracks Down on 25 UK Counterfeiters

NEWS: Gucci Pleads Good Contributory Infringement Action Against Credit-Card Processors

NEWS: MLB, Angels Baseball and Anaheim Police Department Form Coalition to Protect Fans From Counterfeit MLB All-Star Game Merchandise and Tickets

NEWS: Fake Money a Growing Problem for Small Businesses

NEWS: Fendi, Filene's Basement Settle Suit for $2.5 Million

NEWS: New Rules Bring Online Piracy Fight to US Campuses

Commentary: The Case With Intellectual Property

NEWS: Middle East Seizures Account for 95% of Fake HP Print Consumerables

NEWS: Feds Ice Net Piracy

NEWS: Industries Gearing Up to Battle Counterfeiting and Piracy

NEWS: iPhone 4 Reaches the Gray Market

NEWS: Judge Sides With Google in Viacom Video Suit

NEWS: Releasing the Joint Strategic Plan to Combat Intellectual Property Theft

NEWS: Counterfeit Anti-Cancer Drugs Impact Pharmaceutical Firms

NEWS: Fake Internet Coupons May Cost Frito-Lay Millions

NEWS: Hollywood Faces New Piracy Threat

NEWS: Music Biz Wants Google to Stop Linking to The Pirate Bay

NEWS: Embattled LimeWire to Launch Subscription Music Service

NEWS: Counterfeit Condoms and a New Arrangement

NEWS: New Suit Against Limewire Could Total 15 Times Music Industry's Yearly Income

NEWS: FDA Warns About Fradulent Tamiflu

NEWS: Chinese Producers Dominate $8.2 Billion EU Counterfeit Market

NEWS: US Business Beseiges Panel with China Complaints

NEWS: Jury Convicts Two New York Importers in One of the Largest Counterfeit Goods Prosecutions in U.S. History

NEWS: States Clash Over Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement

NEWS: Police Bust Counterfeit Ring, Seize Millions

NEWS: ICE, CBP Partner to Stop Flow of Counterfeit Goods Through Savannah

News: World Cup: One-In-Four 'Would Buy Fake Goods'

NEWS: Customs Group to Fight $200 Billion Bogus Drug Industry

News: RIAA Asks Court To Close Down LimeWire

News: Spanish Online Piracy Rate Nears 96%

News: Obama and Calderón Emphasize the Need for ACTA

News: SIIA Announces Arrest of Los Angeles-Based Craigslist Software Pirates

News: Counterfeiters Cost World Cup Suppliers

News: Counterfeit Drugs on Rise, Pose Global Threat: WHO

News: Microsoft’s Ballmer Says China Piracy Is a Problem

News: Coach Sues City of Chicago over Counterfeit Bags

News: U.S. Claims on Copyright Piracy "Groundless": China

News: Counterfeit Medicines In WTO Dispute Process, Heating Up At WHO

News: Microsoft Must ‘Raise Game’ on Piracy, Enforcement Chief Says

News: Man Sentenced for Selling Phony Goods to Military

News: Versace Wins $20 million In Counterfeiting Damages

News: Rosetta Stone loses court case against Google

News: Pirates rewrite script for Apple's China iPad launch

News: Aggressive IP enforcement is a must

News: In Shanghai, Hiding Bootlegs Before the World Visits

News: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Negotiation Draft

News: Counterfeiters Put On ICE Following A Seizure Of More Than $1.4 million

News: N.J. Authorities Confiscate 15K pairs of Fake Nike Sneakers at Port Elizabeth

News: A Crushing Day for 'Rolex Man'

News: U.S. Seizes Big Batches of Fake Goods

News: U.S. groups slam anti-piracy accord's draft text

News: China Company Plans to Appeal Microsoft Decision

News: Feds hampered by incomplete MPAA piracy data

News: Back to Google News Draft trade agreement worries technology companies

News: New $100 bill unveiled to thwart high-tech counterfeits

News: A Rare Victory Against Piracy

News: Luxury brands welcome EU law to restrict online sales

Commentary: The Pharmaceutical Predicament

News: Nokia Takes on Music Pirates with China Digital Launch

News: Comcast Can Block BitTorrent Again, Court Rules

News: iPad Hits Hong Kong -- Before Global Release

News: The Digital Economy Bill: What Made it

News: Digital Economy Bill Rushed Through Wash-up in Late Night Session

News: Spain Finds That Film Piracy is a Hard Habit to Break

News: French Anti-Piracy Law Actually Increasing Piracy

News: Google-China Flap Déjà Vu for Microsoft

News: Appeals Court Sides With eBay in Tiffany Suit

News: Inside a Global Cybercrime Ring

News: EU Court Backs Google on Linking Ad Sales to Brands

News: Hollywood and Bollywood join Arms to Fight Piracy

News: Trouble over YouTube

Commentary: To Be Pirated or Not To Be Pirated…That is the Question

News: Google Wins Court Victory Over Louis Vuitton

News: Parliament Threatens Court Action On Anti-Piracy Treaty

News: Software Industry Loses Patience with China

News: Google Ruling Set to Govern Online Trade Mark Use in Europe

News: Internet Piracy Taking Big Toll on Jobs

News: ICE Key to Doubling US Exports

News: US to Launch Security-Enhanced 100 Dollar Bill in April

News: Illegally Downloading A Charity Album?

News: Secret Talks Could Weaken ISPs' Protection Against Online Piracy Suits

News: The Bigger Picture

News: Knock-Offs Catch On

News: Coach Sues Kmart Over Alleged Counterfeit Bags

News: Fighting a Flood of Counterfeit Tech Products

News: Anti-Piracy Ads Target Digital-Savvy Youth Over Illegal Downloads

News: Green Tech Gone Fake

News: Can U.S. Get Tough on Intellectual Property Crime?

News: Penguin Boss Unfazed By March of ebooks

News: Federal Trade Commission Links Wide Data Breach To File Sharing

News: EU Data Protection Chief Slams Secret ACTA Talks

News: Global Publishers Win Ruling to Stop Rapidshare from Profiting from Pirated Works

News: eBay Loses Another Suit Over Louis Vuitton Brand

News: U.S. Announces Intellectual Property Watchdog

News: The Olympic Skier Known as 'Spam King'

News: Landmark digital piracy case opens in Italy

News: Nintendo scores piracy win: Australian owes $1.3M for leaking 'Super Mario Brothers Wii' Online

News: Google Warns Chinese Knock-off to Stop Using Logo

News: MSU Launches First Anti-Counterfeiting Research Program

News: Trend of Movies Premiering on the Internet Catching Up

News: In Secret, Nations Work Toward Crackdown on Piracy

News: Fake Food Coupons Spread in Haiti

News: Microsoft: Pirated software still in Russian shops

News: Italy Tries Once More To Force ISPs To Block Pirate Bay

Commentary: OpSec Participates in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Press Conference

News: Apple Faces Suit Over Mussolini On iPhone

News: Hollywood Studios Lose Australian Movie Piracy Suit

News: From e-media to i-media -- how Apple will dominate all digital media sales...

News: Counterfeit Nikes on way to Haiti

News: Google making millions from advertising counterfeit goods

News: Fake perfumes may contain bacteria, antifreeze - even urine

News: The long wade to Win 7

News: Sony's 'unhackable' PlayStation 3 hacked

News: French Anti-Piracy Organisation Hadopi Uses Pirated Font In Own Logo

News: Food and consumer product fraud — or economic adulteration and counterfeiting

News: Philip Morris USA Sues Retailers to Stop Counterfeit Cigarette Sales

News: Obama Supports $675K File Sharing Verdict

News: Verizon ends service of alleged illegal downloaders

News: Apple App Store Has Lost $450 Million To Piracy

News: RIAA: "Net neutrality shouldn't inhibit antipiracy"

News: Survey Shows 55% Increase in Employees Attempting to Download Illegal Software at Work

News: Fake Gatorade labels show Woods, say 'unfaithful'

News: Genetics tapped to protect goods from counterfeiters

News: There’s an Android in My iPhone

News: Christie’s Plans Website For Gucci Collectors

News: California MVP Micro, Inc. Owner Pleads Guilty in Connection with Sales of Counterfeit High Tech Parts to the U.S. Military

News: Canada: Internet Piracy Haven

News: French Court Thwarts Google Digital Book Project

News: Ugg-ly boot business

News: Software Piracy a Growing Problem for Microsoft

News: Raids Crack Down on Counterfeit Goods

News: Fake Louis Vuitton Bags Don't Fool Anyone

News: Update: Judge affirms $675K verdict in RIAA music piracy case

News: Adobe bends, a little, on eBook DRM

News: Designer Coach gets real serious about fighting fake handbags, accessories in Dallas

News: File sharing in Sweden nears record high

News: CBP Seizes Thousands of Counterfeit Jeep Toys, Barbie Dolls

News: Chinese Police Raid Workshops Producing Counterfeit Condoms

News: More Research To Back the Notion that Streaming Kills Piracy

News: Feds Prosecuting More Counterfeiters, IP Pirates

News: Mississippi Launches Counterfeit Task Force

News: High earners 'likely to buy fakes'

News: Spanish Anti-Piracy Measure Under Fire

News: Counterfeiting Costs Canada Billions

News: Fake Websites shut down by police

News: A Day of Discounts, Even for Knockoffs

News: Taking the Bat to Piracy

News: eBay fined $2.5 Million in French perfume case

News: Man pleads guilty to selling fake chips to US Navy

News: Senators call for transparency in copyright treaty talks

News: Fox CEO Wants US to join France on Internet Piracy

News: Gibson Warns of Counterfeit Guitars