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Bill Patterson

Bill is responsible for protecting the royalty payment stream and brand names of our licensing clients. Bill has had prior responsibilities at OpSec, which included selling protection for government passports, voter registration and personal identification cards, as well as vehicle registration labels. His career has spanned the industries of telecommunications, home improvement retail chains, direct marketing agencies, and video gaming. Bill learned to juggle at age ten and hasn’t missed a Van Halen tour in twenty-three years.
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Commentary: Is "do-good" licensing bad?

Posted by Bill Patterson on Mar 18, 2009 12:09:04 PM
An article was brought to my attention today about the licensing issues involving the recordings of Dr. Martin Luther King.  The person that brought it to me knows my interest in iconic celebrity licensing.  However, that's not what truly caught my attention.

How many times have we heard or seen the recording of Dr. King's speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial proclaiming "I Have a Dream"?  How could it possibly be a violation of intellectual property to replay parts of that speech?  I'm raising money for a good cause!  Don't we all have a right as Americans to use it as we see fit?

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