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How Valuable Is Your Brand?

Posted by Lorri Veidenheimer on Dec 4, 2013 5:29:01 PM


It’s widely considered that a brand is the sum total of “all the thoughts and feelings” associated with that brand. Quantifying the value of those thoughts and feelings is virtually impossible.  Most companies will try to calculate their brand’s value taking into account market size, annual revenue, market share, profitability, brand awareness, brand loyalty, uniqueness and sustainability of products and services, quality of new products, investment in R&D, competitive landscape, and ability to raise prices, among other factors.

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Suspicious Behavior Indicators to Identify Suspect Listings on E-Commerce Sites

Posted by Lorri Veidenheimer on Oct 2, 2013 12:33:00 PM


Counterfeiters are uncovering new tactics to profit off unsuspecting businesses and consumers every day. It’s critical for brands to stay one step ahead to ensure these dubious activities don’t tarnish brand reputation and in some cases harm consumers. Through ongoing research we have found that counterfeiters are increasing using online trading platforms to sell everyday health and beauty products, which may not only be counterfeit, but can also be substandard, expired, or contain dangerous chemicals. In fact, reports of lead, urine, antifreeze and other toxic materials have been found in imitation perfumes

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10 Warning Signs Your Brand is at Risk

Posted by Lorri Veidenheimer on Sep 25, 2013 5:10:00 AM

Drowning_CopyrightIt is difficult to determine the full scale of your brand’s loss of value due to counterfeiting and market diversions prior to undertaking a thorough security solution evaluation, but there are a number of indicators that can help you gauge your vulnerability.

Any one of these ten factors may be sufficient to indicate that you are at risk.

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