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Mark Turnage

Mark has lead OpSec through successful integrations with a number of anti-counterfeit and brand protection companies. He has worked in the security field for over twenty years and speaks frequently on the topic of anti-counterfeiting as it relates to government and brand security. Mark is also the co-author of Counterfeiting Exposed: Protecting Your Brand and Customers. Mark has served on OpSec’s Board of Directors since 2000. He was formerly President and Chief Operating Officer of Optical Security Group, and worked previously as both an attorney for Davis, Graham and Stubbs, and as a consultant with McKinsey & Co.

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An Open Door for Killer Counterfeits

Posted by Mark Turnage on Jan 15, 2014 1:30:00 PM

As the old adage says, “politics makes strange bedfellows”.  None stranger perhaps than last June when the state of Maine opened the door to well-funded and well-organized international criminals by legalizing online drug purchases from internet pharmacies by its citizens.  The intention of the law is to allow Maine’s inhabitants access to cheaper drugs abroad than are available here in the US.   Whatever the rationale, the predictable consequence of the law is to fully open the doors of commerce in Maine to online providers of counterfeit and substandard medicines.  Other states are watching the Maine model and may well follow suit, with potentially disastrous consequences for their citizens.

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Topics: Brand Protection, AntiCounterfeiting

Enforcement Against Counterfeiters

Posted by Mark Turnage on Nov 14, 2013 2:16:52 PM

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The Increasing Sophistication of Counterfeiters

Posted by Mark Turnage on Aug 14, 2013 10:40:00 AM

I'm Mark Turnage, and I want to talk about how OpSec helps its clients with
enforcement of their proprietary rights.

So one of the questions we're asked is: If OpSec can authenticate a
product through the supply chain and find ways tht that product is being
sold online unlawfully, what do you then do about it?

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Topics: Product Authentication, Online Brand Protection, AntiCounterfeiting

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