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Bill Patterson
By Bill Patterson

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Brand Licensing EuropeI sit in my office today preparing to attend Brand Licensing Europe (BLE) week after next.  An article comes across my desk celebrating counterfeit seizures in the European Union (EU) exceeding 31 million items in 2017.  And this is why BLE is such an important show for OpSec Security.

Over 31 million items seized.  A statistic definitely worth celebration. That’s hundreds of millions of Euros that do not make their way back to the hands of criminals. That’s 31 million potentially unsafe items that do not make their way into the hands of unsuspecting consumers. 

That’s intellectual property of creative artists and developers that continue to support global fair-trade jobs. That’s international law enforcement doing what they do best: protecting our people and our borders.

Brand Licensing Europe is a showcase of the greatest licensed brands throughout the world that look to make an impact into the European market. With more than 2,500 properties showcased, BLE is the place for Licensors, Licensees and Retailers alike to establish relationships and promote licensed products.

But for a company like OpSec, it’s also the place where we can demonstrate to brand owners how we lead to more celebrated stories of counterfeit seizures. For more than 35 years, OpSec has worked with the world’s top licensed brands to fight counterfeiting, monitor the online marketplace and provide business intelligence about your supply chain. And before you say, “the hologram company,” take a moment to see what we can do in apparel labels and trim, direct-to-product serialization and our flagship SaaS tool, OpSec InSight™. You’ll be surprised at the flexibility, ease and cost-effective ways to protect your product from counterfeiters.

As an active member and now board member of the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA), I have worked to highlight the many challenges Licensors and Licensees face when confronted by nefarious, illegal, competitors. Counterfeiting is a daunting societal problem that will not go away.  But the EU seizure article referenced earlier said total seizures have gone down since 2016.  I’d like to think that anti-counterfeiting efforts have played into that. And they will for years to come.

If you happen to attend BLE, please stop by booth M90 and say hello. I’d love to introduce you to our European team.



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Bill Patterson

Bill Patterson

Bill is responsible for protecting the royalty payment stream and brand names of our licensing clients. Bill has had prior responsibilities at OpSec, which included selling protection for government passports, voter registration and personal identification cards, as well as vehicle registration labels. His career has spanned the industries of telecommunications, home improvement retail chains, direct marketing agencies, and video gaming. Bill learned to juggle at age ten and hasn’t missed a Van Halen tour in twenty-three years.

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