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Book Review: Dangerous Doses By Katherine Eban

Posted by admin on Apr 11, 2011 4:59:31 AM
Counterfeiting is a problem that has grown over 10,000 percent in the past 20 years, posing a threat to consumer health and safety globally, according to the IACC.  Some consumers unwittingly purchase counterfeit pharmaceuticals online.  Others do so for the significant cost-savings and for anonymity when purchasing medications such as lifestyle drugs.  Other patients suffer from chronic health issues that necessitate consistent refills of scheduled drugs, requiring ongoing physician supervision and costly prescriptions, making illegal online pharmacies an easier and less expensive choice.  Whatever the reasons might be, the ramifications are dire and Dangerous Doses exposes the dark side of America’s counterfeit pharmaceutical crisis.

As part of her story, Eban shares real-life examples of her medical investigative reportings, exposing how these drugs actually move across the supply chain, from the dealer to pharmacies, and subsequently into consumer’s hands, some unaware that what they are about to ingest is counterfeit.  Dangerous Doses is an interesting and informative narrative, as Eban shares her clever ideas, advice and solutions to fighting this counterfeiting epidemic.

Katherine Eban is a Rhodes Scholar and has a background in medical investigative reporting. She has worked for the New York Times, New York Observer, and ABC News.

Topics: Counterfeiting, Online Brand Protection, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Goods, Intellectual Property

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