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Consumers Help Us Fight Counterfeiters

Posted by Mecky Imkamp on Jul 2, 2013 4:01:00 PM

Why is it that we at OpSec Security monitor user opinions connected to purchases and vendors? Because today's customers are speaking out when they come across fraudsters. And there is a lot to be gained from this intelligence. 

As much as consumers increasingly engage in detecting counterfeits by verifying the products through our security labels, they also help us in the fight against counterfeiting on the Internet. 

According to a survey we conducted in June in one of our key markets, German consumers get active when they discover they have been deceived by a vendor. This includes not receiving the promised goods or discovering that the products were in fact counterfeits. 

If the vendor does not react to the first complaint, consumers show persistence - 76% will continue to send inquiries to the vendor - but more importantly, they make their complaint public.



61.5% of consumers will give the vendor a bad rating, warning others against the fraudster. And close to a third will even write about the vendor in online forums. Such information is not only valuable to other consumers, but also to us. Through effective monitoring worldwide in many languages, not only do we gain intelligence on potential counterfeiters, but also on trends and new scamming methods in addition to our own investigations.

In this way, we fight alongside consumers to prevent counterfeits from being sold to unsuspecting victims. 


Feel free to contact us for more information on the survey. 


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