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Joe Chipriano
By Joe Chipriano

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Amazon_YetiThis past Christmas I made the decision to purchase a Yeti travel mug for my wife. I had heard great things about Yeti products and their performance and thought she might enjoy using it during her daily commute. I carefully researched the type of mug I wanted to purchase, along with the price and made the purchase through Amazon. Mug arrives, wife’s happy, end of story, right?  Wrong.

"...if consumers cannot rely on those leading companies to protect them from counterfeits, we have a serious problem..."

About two months after Christmas I come across this CBS News article discussing the emerging counterfeiting of popular brands being sold through outlets such as Amazon. Intrigued, I began to read the article and to my great dismay, there is the Yeti mug I purchased for my wife!  Turns out the fake Yeti’s inner lining has a tendency to flake off, causing potential lead poisoning if consumed.  Great!  Merry Christmas!!  Suffice it to say I (discreetly) disposed of the mug and “replaced” it with one from an authorized dealer, but it raised another question: How would I have known it’s a fake? Aside from some potential clues pointed out in the article, I would not have.

As Beverly Baskin, CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, told CBS News:  "If marketplace leaders struggle to keep out counterfeit products, and if consumers cannot rely on those leading companies to protect them from counterfeits, we have a serious problem that can undermine consumer confidence in the entire retail market"

In today’s marketplace there are too many entry points to depend on e-tailers to police all of their sources, and despite their best efforts, counterfeit items are still readily available. It is incumbent on the brands to protect their reputations and ensure consumer confidence in their products. OpSec ’s sophisticated hologram security labels and advanced online monitoring and tracking platforms can not only help stem lost revenues but also protect your hard-earned reputation and provide your customers with peace of mind.  


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