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Chrissie Jamieson
By Chrissie Jamieson

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At MarkMonitor, we are set for a busy month this May. We will be hosting two events; both focusing on the best in online protection and assisting all industries to build a smarter and stronger online presence.

The first event is the MarkMonitor Spring Symposium, taking place in London on May 1. The topics covered will include everything from enforcement best practices and domain portfolio optimization to multipronged approaches that fuse both infringement and fraud solutions. The day will consist of interactive customer panels, keynotes, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities â all underpinned by a consumer-centric approach to brand protection.

A few of the key highlights will examine how to combat piracy threats across digital channels, how to safeguard hard-earned customer trust from domain threats and an opportunity to learn about the latest industry news and trends.

Following on from this on May 7 is the MarkMonitor NYC Summit 2019. Again, the focus will be very much on the importance of adopting a consumer-centric approach to online protection. This will include everything from enforcement best practices and domain portfolio optimization to SSL certificates and other security measures.

Alongside our own industry experts, investigative journalist and best-selling author, Brian Krebs, will be sharing his cybercrime knowledge and expertise. A former Washington Post Reporter, he is well known for his industry news updates at krebsonsecurity.

Both the Symposium and Summit provide a rare opportunity to discuss your challenges around online brand protection with other leading brands in a private environment, and to learn about customer success stories and industry trends from the leading experts. With the continued growth of illegitimate options in digital channels challenging domain and brand protection professionals, this year’s Symposium and Summit are especially important.

If you’re interested in attending either event, then please head to the following websites to find out more details and to register your place:

MarkMonitor Spring 2019 Symposium

MarkMonitor NYC Summit 2019

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