How to Safeguard Brands from Abuse in Mobile Channels

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We are excited to announce the launch of MarkMonitor Brand Protection™ – Mobile Apps. Consumers are flocking to mobile channels to research and make purchases and where consumers go, so do scammers.  With this new offering, brands can detect instances of brand infringement and misuse in popular mobile app marketplaces. By discouraging brand impersonation and false association in mobile channels, companies can reduce customer confusion, reinforce brand trust and protect m-commerce revenues.

Why mobile matters:


    • According to Internet Retailer, in 2013 smartphones and tablets made up almost 35 percent of online traffic


    • Internet Retailer also weighed in on sales through mobile channels, reporting that 16.6 percent of sales flowed through that channel in 2013


    • Goldman Sachs analysts recently predicted that m-commerce growth will increase by more than $420 billion by 2018


The new offering extends MarkMonitor Brand Protection to mobile channels, helping brands improve customer satisfaction and provide consistent brand messages by identifying potentially counterfeit or infringing apps.  Brands can also use the new capability to help app developers and partners use brand assets properly by discovering non-compliant use of trademarks and logos.

Click here to read the press release about MarkMonitor Brand Protection – Mobile Apps.

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