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OpSec News Round-Up 7-12-2011

Posted by admin on Jul 12, 2011 10:05:15 AM
Fake Items Sold at JLS Concert


MILTON Keynes Council’s trading standards team seized hundreds of counterfeit items this weekend at the packed out JLS concert.

Officers made sure their presence was felt at the end of the sellout concert, at stadium, following various tip offs about people selling fake Foo Fighters items at their sellout concert at The MK Bowl the week before.

Read more at Milton Keynes Citizen.

Counterfeit Alcohol Seized by Trading Standards


Large amounts of counterfeit alcohol have been seized from businesses across the borough by Hillingdon Council’s trading standards team, HM Revenue Customs officials and the police.

For full story, please visit Hillingdon Times.

Reports Show Climb in Black Market Cigarettes is Costing $2 Billion a Year


The number of counterfeit cigarettes in Australia has doubled in the past six months, with one in every 12 cigarettes being sold now a fake, a report claims.

The increase comes ahead of federal government plans for plain packaging and if correct could cost the government more than $2 billion a year in lost excise, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Read more at News.com.au.

Law Enforcement Must Take Apart Fake Drugs Networks; Lilly


Eli Lilly has called for law enforcement to find and dismantle the supply sources and distribution networks underpinning fake online pharmacies.

Fake online pharmacies offer counterfeiters an unparalleled means of selling falsified medicines. Most efforts focus on taking down websites but Eli Lilly wants law enforcement to go back through the illegal supply chain to find the source and stop it from distributing fake drugs.

For full coverage, please visit In-Pharma, Technologist.com.

Merchandise Seized, Two Charged with Selling Counterfeit Items


Police seized more than 1,000 items and arrested a man and a woman Saturday in an investigation into counterfeit merchandise allegedly being sold at Keller’s Flea Market.

Savannah-Chatham police say more than 35 officers fanned out over the expansive flea market about 11:30 a.m., shutting down 10 booths simultaneously.

For more information, please visit Savannah Now.

Faking it at Bangkok’s Museum of Counterfeit Goods


Bangkok’s reputation as one of the world’s premiere marketplaces for counterfeit goods is certainly deserved, as a quick walk down many a street can attest.

For Joe McSomchai, this is harmless consumerism at its finest. Will Disney -- a company that made over US$38 billion in 2010 -- really miss the $50 they’d charge Joe for a Mickey Mouse doll that cost $4 to make?

Should he feel guilty that he can pick up a pair of “Oakely” sunglasses for a fraction of the cost he’d pay in retail?

For full story, please visit CNNGo.

South Armagh Man Charged Over Counterfeit Car Parts


A 52-year-old man has been charged over the seizure of a large amount of counterfeit car parts in south Armagh last September.

Read more at BBC News.

Government Targets Makers of Fake Goods


$249m worth of products seized as quality inspection teams raid factories

BEIJING - Tight supervision and severe penalties have been used to rein in exports of counterfeits and inferior goods, China's top quality watchdog said on Friday.

A nationwide crackdown on fakes that ran from last October to June this year saw 4,330 batches of poor-quality products seized, with a total market value of $249 million, according to official data released at a news conference.

Read more at China Daily.

You Can’t Fake Fashion Bags: DVF, Rodarte & More Team Up With eBay for Anti-Copycat Campaign


Dying for a designer bag but don’t want to shell out the money? The CFDA would really like it if you didn’t buy a knock off. In fact, top designers are so concerned you’ll go buy a fake that a number of famous brands are making a line of cheap canvas bags to satisfy both your label craving and your pocket.

Read more at Styleite.

Congressional Hearing: Counterfeit Chinese Products, from Computer Chips to Fake Viagra, Flood Houston Market


Spokesmen for the computer chip industry and drug manufacturers complained to Congress on Thursday that the federal government has failed to stem the flow of counterfeit products from China.

Those counterfeit products — ranging from computer chips to internet-marketed fake medicines — have surfaced in Houston, witnesses told a hearing of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations and Management.

For full story, please visit Chron.

“Police Seize 1,000 Bottles of Counterfeit Booze”


More than 1,000 bottles of counterfeit booze was recovered during a four-day blitz of off-licences across the borough.

Hillingdon Council's trading standards team, HM Revenue Customs officials and the police visited 28 shops in June, in a joint operation cracking down on knock-off alcohol and tobacco and non-duty paid goods.

Read more at Uxbridge Gazette.

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