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Making MAGIC... and Protecting It.

Posted by Lisa Hill on Aug 12, 2015 8:34:56 AM
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Built in sensors in smart apparel ensure you are exercising properly and keep track of your progress.

This year MAGIC is taking an exciting new approach, hoping to help everyone and every brand customize their experience and make the most of their time in Vegas. It’s a unique opportunity to take a standard trade show and turn it into your own customized business network.They’ve designed the conference in such a way to allow attendees to become more actively involved, created more thoughtful meeting area and tools to encourage more opportunity for face to face communication, and allow for local inspiration. It’s not just about the abundance of meeting space, but the environment and culture, combined with the activity and events. The MAGIC is what you make it.

Customization is taking on a life of its own these days. Is it becoming the new trend? We’re seeing more and more innovation, and that innovation includes input from the consumer directly. From the incorporation of technology into fashion in the form of accessories like smart watches, fitness trackers, and the like, to apparel that allows us to take our mobile technology on the go with us anywhere and everywhere. I mean, I know I couldn’t possibly go skiing without my jacket and goggles that allow me to listen to my favorite music, answer my phone, track my kids on GPS, all while counting the calories I’ve burned. But how far will customization go? At what point does it stop being profitable? Or does it? With or without customization, the Innovation continues. 

The one thing that stays the same is that everything changes. And with great innovation, comes great responsibility. As we add technology and innovation, we need to remember the key factors that build credibility: ethical sourcing, responsible supply chains, and consumer safety. And of course, don’t forget about protecting your brand. It’s likely the most important component to your success. Unfortunately, counterfeiters aim to take full advantage of the hard work successful brands have built. Innovation extends beyond the development of quality products… it expands to brand protection programs both online and brick and mortar.


Lisa Hill


Lisa Hill is Director of Brand Protection for OpSec Security, a worldwide leader in authentication solutions for brands. She has been involved with the apparel industry for more than 14 years. To meet with OpSec during MAGIC, please click here.


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