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News 1/18: iPad 5 4G, iPhone Clamshell and other Apple Rip-offs Found in Laos

Posted by admin on Jan 18, 2012 6:00:12 AM
The last few months have seen considerable speculation mount about the kind of products that Apple might be putting out today. I am currently spending some time in Laos, where I saw the future…of sorts.

Laos, alongside many of its Southeast Asian neighbours, is well known for producing counterfeit goods of all types, and with the world going technology crazy in the last few years, Apple products take centre stage at the local market in the capital city of Vientiane

Before we look at what was on sale, it worth recapping — for those not familiar with fake phones in Asia — that though these devices resemble Apple products, none of them perform and navigate anything like them.

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Topics: Luxury Goods, Consumer Electronics