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NEWS: Detecting Counterfeit Electronic Components

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2011 9:24:39 AM
The economic impact of counterfeit goods in our society is staggering. The world trade of counterfeit goods is estimated at over $600 billion dollars annually1. As consumers, we often buy counterfeit goods in the form of clothing, handbags, watches, golf clubs etc, either willingly or naively since we are not particularly concerned with the long term quality of such items.

No one wants to buy counterfeit food or medication, yet we often purchase those from uncontrolled sources, becoming targets for unscrupulous sellers of less-than-perfect products. Counterfeit cereal is so widespread that Kellogg's has developed a hi-tech method to stamp out imitations by laser branding individual flakes in Corn Flakes cereal with the company logo2. If melamine can find its way in brand name baby formula or pet food, what lurks in deliberately counterfeit food products?

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