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News Round-Up 12/22/2011

Posted by admin on Dec 22, 2011 4:35:19 AM
Officials Seize Counterfeit Holiday Goods and Make Numerous Arrests


While counterfeiters are well known for cashing in during the holidays on high-price items like fake Chanel bags, this year they have put more energy into the lower end — expanding into Christmas lights, plastic Angry Birds toys and National Football League jerseys.

It is a bleak economy, even when it is a counterfeit economy.

“They’re keeping up with the times,” said John Morton, the director of United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which plans to announce Thursday that recently it has seized about 327,000 counterfeit items worth about $77 million in the United States, along with some merchandise from Mexico.

For the complete story, please visit The New York Times.

$167,000Worth of Counterfeit Merchandise Lands 3 VA Beach Men in Jail


Three Virginia Beach men are behind bars on Maryland’s Eastern Shore today following their arrests by Maryland State Police near Berlin Monday night.

Police soon discovered that all the seats in the van had been removed and the cargo area was filled with counterfeit merchandise including Gucci, Prada and Coach purses, as well as UGG boots, Louis Vuitton, Rocawear and Dolce Gabbana.

Police say the merchandise, valued at over $167,000 was seized, as was the vehicle.

For the complete story, please visit WGMD News Radio

Chemicals Found in 'Fake Vodka' in Northamptonshire


Trading Standards seized 60 bottles from shops across the county.

The poisonous substances were found in branded spirits called Arctic Ice Vodka and Drops Vodka.

The products contained harmful chemicals which are found in cleaning fluid and methanol which is used in antifreeze.

For the full story, please visit BBC News

USTR: Piracy, Counterfeiting Abroad Is Thriving


With the House Judiciary debate over online piracy legislation now expected to extend into the new year, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative provided copyright and trademark holders with fresh evidence Tuesday to demonstrate the scope of online infringement they face from pirates and counterfeiters based offshore.

USTR released a new report outlining the most notorious infringers based outside the United States.
"Globally copyright piracy on a commercial scale and trademark counterfeiting continue to thrive, in part because of the presence of marketplaces that deal in goods and services that infringe intellectual property rights," according to the USTR report.

For more on this story, please visit National Journal

Cops Hit Pirate Motherload


More than 50 business premises and houses were searched by police during the province’s operation Sting. The operation, a national anti-piracy campaign, confiscated items worth thousands of rands in Galeshewe and Kimberley.

The operation disrupted illegal trading in the diamond city, where the team confiscated counterfeit cigarettes worth more than R60000, and hookah-pipe tobacco, shoe-polish, pens, clothing and branded bags – such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, Daniel Hechter, Levis and Ben Ten –worth R150000.

The suspected counterfeit goods will be destroyed by SARS customs officials, who also issued illegal traders with fines amounting to approximately 25% of the goods’ value.

For the complete story, please visit The New Age.

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