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News Round-Up 12/27/2011

Posted by admin on Dec 27, 2011 7:04:30 AM
Fake Vodka May Ruin New Year


Shoppers stocking up on booze for their New Year parties are being warned about the dangers of fake vodka on the shelves in some Doncaster shops.

Dozens of bottles of counterfeit spirits and wine were found in off-license when retailers were checked just before Christmas.

Some of the alcohol bought form the back of a van may contain potentially dangerous chemicals, say experts.

For complete story, please read The Star.

Japanese Police Crack Down on Fake Brand Websites Originating from China


The National Police Agency (NPA) has requested overseas authorities and domestic Internet providers to shut down hundreds of websites advertising counterfeit fashion goods in Japanese, with the majority originating from China, it has been revealed.

Since October this year, police have identified 447 websites, most of which promote fake brand-named bags and other fashion items at low prices. Many of the sites advertise the items in Japanese, with catchy advertising such as, "It's a super copy -- looks just like the original."

For the complete story, please read the Mainichi Daily News

Miss. Attorney General: Fake Goods Cost U.S. Businesses Billions


Having all presents authentic, given or received, can be taken for granted. There are some cases where that is actually not true.

There is an unfortunate reality that some gifts people receive, or gifts people are about to buy with gift cards, are not what they seem.

"We find it in almost any town we go to. You're going to have some store that's doing it. Now we're seeing so much more of it online," said Miss. Attorney General, Jim Hood, about counterfeit items.

It is easier than ever for a collared shirt to be fake and shoes to be a different brand than on the label. Counterfeiting is a crime of intellectual property and of opportunity, as shoppers rush to spend without taking the time to inspect the product.

For the complete story, please visit WTOL 11.

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