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NEWS: Three Fifths of Holidaymakers Bring Back Fake Goods

Posted by admin on Jun 20, 2011 9:34:11 AM
New research by the UK’s growing online independent travel agent has revealed that three fifths of British holidaymakers have brought back fake merchandise from a previous holiday abroad, with the most common fake item purchased being imitation designer sunglasses.

According to the findings of a new poll by an independent online travel agency in the UK, the majority of British holidaymakers bring home fake merchandise of some description after a trip abroad. The most commonly purchased imitation items have also been revealed.

The poll was conducted by online travel agency sunshine.co.uk, in a bid to discover what things Britons bring back in their suitcase after a holiday. 1,920 Britons were polled in the study, each of whom had been on holiday in the last year and respondents were asked questions surrounding their purchases abroad.

For full article, please visit Travel Daily News.

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