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NEWS:Raccoon Dogs Brutally Torturned For Fake UGGS

Posted by admin on Oct 5, 2011 11:39:02 AM
Shocking video has surfaced which shows raccoon dogs being skinned for the purpose of making fake Ugg boots.

The disturbing footage, reported by The Sun, shows the raccoon dogs being pinned to the ground, skinned alive and hurled in a pile.

The Chinese-bred animals are used for their soft fur, which substitutes for the Australian sheepskin used in authentic Uggs. Fake Uggs go for just a fraction of the price, but those who have opted for the replicas may change their mind after seeing the ugly truth about the fuzzy fur that's keeping their feet warm.

Mark Jones, the UK director of Humane Society International, told the Sun:

"The raccoon dogs routinely endure unspeakable suffering. They die a slow, agonising death, their bodies raw and bloody...There is no UK ban on their fur so it's possible these phoney boots could enter the high street."

For full story, please visit The Huffington Post.

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