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OpSec News Round-Up 11/1/2011

Posted by admin on Nov 1, 2011 8:33:33 AM
China Police Nab Fake-Drug Ring


Chinese police said they seized $30 million worth of counterfeit pharmaceuticals this week, as authorities work to show their commitment to a broader push to overhaul the country's food and drug regulations.

The seizure resulted in the arrest of 114 members of a counterfeit-drug ring in the Chinese city of Anyang, in China's central Henan province, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Monday, citing police officials.

For full story, please visit The Wall Street Journal.

Lasers Shed Light on Counterfeit Whisky


A new method to tackle the counterfeiting of Scotch Whisky using laser technology has been developed.

St Andrews University researchers have claimed they can work out a whisky's brand, age and cask by using a ray of light the size of a human hair.

They said the test could prove if a whisky is genuine or not using a sample no bigger than a teardrop.

Counterfeiting is understood to be a major problem for the drinks industry which seeks new methods of detection.

The technique involves researchers placing a tiny amount of whisky on a transparent plastic chip no bigger than a credit card.

To read more on this story, please visit BBC News.

Fake CDs and DVDs Found at Nelson Shop


A haul of over a thousand counterfeit DVDs and CDs, along with counterfeit toys and illegal tobacco products, has been seized in East Lancashire.

The seizure of the goods comes after recent raids on shops in Nelson and Longridge by Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards service.

Trading Standards officers, assisted by Lancashire Police, have been following up complaints from consumers and struggling businesses to stamp out the sale of counterfeit goods, which can force legitimate retailers out of business.

A warrant was served at one Nelson shop last Wednesday evening, netting 429 illegal CDs and DVDs, many of which were hidden in a plywood compartment built into the wall of the shop. This is the second seizure from this shop this year. Suspected counterfeit toys and illegal tobacco products were also taken from the shop.

For full story, please visit The Burnley Express.

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