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OpSec News Round-Up 12/1/2011

Posted by admin on Dec 2, 2011 12:26:29 PM
Chanel Wins Case to Shut Down 600 Counterfeit Sites


A US judge has ordered that sites which sell fake Chanel goods should be de-indexed by the major search engines and excluded from all social media sites such as Facebook and Google.  The ruling comes after Chanel launched legal action against more than 600 sites selling counterfeit copies of its products.

The ruling also bans the site owners from owning or operating any domains for the next five years.

For the complete story, please visit Techwatch.

Woman Arrested for Over $400,000 in Counterfeit Money Orders, Traveler’s Checks

Baton Rouge Police Department Financial Crimes Investigators, working with the Narcotics Division and special agents from the United States Homeland Security Investigations and the United States Postal Inspection Service, have seized over $400,000 in counterfeit money orders and traveler’s checks.

The fake documents were recovered in a search of an apartment at 10950 Darryl Drive that took place on Nov. 15 2011.The apartment belonged to Latosha Edrena Jackson, 31.

Jackson is accused of possessing 402 counterfeit United States Postal Service money orders with a face value of $390,811.50, as well as 91 counterfeit American Express traveler’s checks with a face value of $45,500.00.

For the complete story, please visit Fox44

Counterfeit Merchandise Seized In Flea Market Raid


An investigation by the Secretary of State's Office has led to arrests and the seizure of numerous counterfeit items. Two weeks ago, a raid at a US-1 flea market led to the arrest of four people, and the confiscation of nearly $250,000 in pirated DVD’s and CD’s. Another raid led to the arrest of more merchants Wednesday morning, being charged with trafficking counterfeit merchandise under SC's Code of Laws 39-15-1190.

Secretary of State Mark Hammond says they sent investigators to the market after they were tipped of by suspicious customers. CD's, DVD's, apparel, and handbags were all seized in the raid.

"We are going to protect intellectual property," said Hammond. "We are going to protect our small businesses who are out there trying to make a living and trying to do the right thing."

Those arrested may face up to three years in prison and a $5000 fine.

To read the full story, please visit WLTX .

Senate Approves Amendment to Strengthen Protections Against Counterfeit Electronic Parts in Defense Supply System


The Senate on Tuesday approved an amendment by the bipartisan leadership of the Senate Armed Services Committee to strengthen protections against a flood of counterfeit electronic parts coming into the defense supply system.
Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and John McCain, R-Ariz., the chairman and ranking member of the committee, offered the legislation as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012. The legislation is a response to a committee investigation that found more than 1,800 instances of counterfeit electronic parts in the defense supply chain. It now becomes part of the authorization act, which is being debated on the Senate floor.
"These counterfeit parts endanger our troops, harm national security and cost taxpayers," Levin said. "The flood of counterfeit parts must stop, and this amendment provides tools and incentives that will help stop it."

To read the complete story, please visit militaryaerospace.com

US: Campaign Launched to Inform Consumers about Fakes


The Obama Administration has launched a campaign aimed at educating the American public about the harm that counterfeit goods have on the US economy and the threats these fake goods pose to public health.
Attorney General Eric Holder said yesterday (29 November) that the campaign by the US Department of Justice will work to educate consumers on the impact of intellectual property theft, including the destruction of jobs, suppression of innovation, as well as jeopardizing the health and safety of consumers.

"In some cases, these activities are used to fund dangerous - and even violent - criminal enterprises and organized crime networks. And they present a significant - and growing - threat to our nation's economic and national security," he said.

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