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OpSec News Round-Up 12/7/2011

Posted by admin on Dec 8, 2011 8:28:07 AM
Consumers Warned Over Fake Apple iPhones, Nintendo DSis this Christmas


Consumers are unwittingly buying fake goods, including Apple iPhones and Nintendo DSi handhelds, from even reputable websites such as Amazon, consumer group Which? has warned.

Which? claims that fake online goods are offering "dangerous deals" to customers this Christmas.

iPhone 4 S

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Nintendo DSiThe group found that almost one in ten people (8%) have bought a fake product by mistake over the last two years, with almost a quarter of fake goods (23%) being purchased from well-known sites including Amazon and online auction service eBay.

According to a Which? survey of 1,303 people conducted last month, 38% who tried to return the goods after realizing they'd bought a fake were denied a refund, exchange or credit voucher, and so stuck with their counterfeit product.

A third of shoppers (34%) surveyed said that they have spotted fake goods on sale in the past year, including fake iPods, laptops and video games consoles.

Working with Trading Standards, Which? unearthed various knock-off electronics on sale, such as fake iPhones and Nintendo DSi games consoles. It also found fake Nintendo Wii power supplies, which "weren't earthed and posed an electrocution risk".

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From Caviar to Champagne-Fake Goods Flooding Europe


A joint operation between Europol and Interpol has seized hundreds of tonnes of fake food and drink across 10 countries - including champagne, cheese, olive oil and tea. The agencies said that the raids had disrupted a major international criminal network.

Europol insisted that the counterfeit market was a "high profit, low risk activity which undermines legitimate business and puts the safety of consumers at risk". Operation Opson resulted in the recovery of more than 13,000 bottles of substandard olive oil, 30 tonnes of fake tomato sauce, around 77,000 kg of counterfeit cheese, more than 12,000 bottles of substandard wine worth €300,000, five tonnes of substandard fish and seafood and nearly 30,000 counterfeit candy bars. "The sale of fake and substandard caviar via the internet is also under investigation," said the Europol spokesman.

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