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OpSec News Round-Up 2/27/2012

Posted by admin on Feb 27, 2012 7:41:15 AM
Experts Call for Strong Regulations to Battle Counterfeit Medicines


DUBAI: Counterfeit medicines are not easily distinguishable by the non-expert eye and are now increasingly being found in the Middle East, say experts, who called for prioritising the need to raise awareness and prohibit such products from reaching the counters.

Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing at the MoH, said the MoH will raise awareness against counterfeit medicines at the Pharmaceutical Logistics Middle East 2012 conference, which began in Dubai on Feb. 26 and will run until Feb. 28, in association with Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech).

For the complete story, please visit Gulf Today.

Counterfeit NBA Sales Landing Some in Jail


Investigators are cracking down on people trying to sell NBA All-Star counterfeit souvenirs.

Police arrested five men who traveled from Los Angeles and New York hoping to make a profit in Orlando. Police said an investigator saw a man in a parking lot with what appeared to be an NBA t-shirt. They said a search of a bag the man was carrying turned up 12 fake NBA shirts and six hats.

For the complete story, please visit WFTV 9.

Market Flooding with Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs


Not everyone knows that misspelled spam advertising painkillers and Viagra isn’t to be trusted: an extensive review of prescription medicines in Europe has come up with some concerning results about the massive amounts of dangerous counterfeit drugs moving through the internet. And most worrying of all, those drugs are even starting to show up in legitimate pharmacies.

For the complete story, please visit Forbes.

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