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OpSec News Round-Up 7/21/2011

Posted by admin on Jul 21, 2011 6:14:20 AM
Ecuador Declares State of Emergency After Tainted Alcohol Deaths


Ecuador declared a state of emergency Monday after 23 people died after ingesting tainted alcohol.

Read more at Third Age.

Canada Goose Takes on Counterfeiters


Over the past 50 years, Canada Goose has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear. The price of that success: counterfeit knockoffs. The iconic brand is taking a stand and taking on the counterfeiters, scoring a recent victory in China, one of the epicentres of global counterfeiting. Two thousand fake Canada Goose coats were seized and a team of counterfeiters received prison sentences and fines.

For full story, please visit The Financial Post.

Alcohol Bans for Five Town Off-Licenses


Five off-licenses in Boston have been banned from selling alcohol after some were found to be trading in counterfeit goods.

Vodka containing chemicals commonly found in cleaning fluids were among the fake goods to be discovered in some of the shops, as well as a large quantity of cigarettes and other types of alcohol.

To read more, please visit Boston Standard.

Counterfeit Coloured Contact Lenses Sold at Shops


SINGAPORE: The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said it found counterfeit coloured contact lenses being sold in local optical shops in June.
The counterfeits are imitations of "FreshLook ColorBlends" by CIBA VISION and have been found to be "unsafe and of poor quality".
This is the first known case of counterfeit health products found in legitimate suppliers.

Read more at Channel News Asia.

Chinese Counterfeiting Extends to Full-Blown Fake Apple Retail Stores


Extremely detailed knock-off Apple retail stores, complete with blue t-shirt-wearing employees claiming to work for the company, have been discovered in China.
According to the blog BirdAbroad (via ifoAppleStore), several counterfeit Apple stores have popped up in Kunming, China. One such location featured a winding staircase and employees in t-shirts with Apple logos and name tags.

For full story, please visit Apple Insider.

Baidu, China’s Search Giant, Announces Music Licensing Deal


BEIJING — Baidu, the dominant Chinese Internet search engine, on Tuesday announced a major licensing deal with three of the world’s largest music companies that would allow Chinese Web users to legally download and stream hundreds of thousands of songs free.

Read more at The New York Times.

Counterfeit Electrical Products common, Hard to Quantify: Electro-Federation Canada


Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and contractors agree that counterfeit construction products and materials are a big problem.  But so far, no one really knows how big it is.

“No one has put a numbers on it,” says Wayne Edwards, vice-president of Electro-Federation Canada. Several factors contribute to the growth in counterfeiting, he said, not least being the several ways in which counterfeiting can occur.

For full story, please visit Daily Commercial News.

China Now Counterfeiting Entire Apple Stores


You’ve really gotta hand it to China. The business of counterfeiting has always been a lucrative one, but it seems the latest trend in the knockoff circuit is duplicating entire Apple Stores. While strolling through the fairly remote southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, one U.S. blogger happened upon a fake Apple Store that was realistic enough to fool its own employees.

To read more, please visit Black Book Magazine.

Fake Cigarettes Burning Hole in Govt’s Coffers


ISLAMABAD: Counterfeit cigarettes can be seen in abundance in different markets after the reduction of the Federal Excise Duty (FED) on filter rods from Re1 to 20 per cent of value. Sources in the cigarette industry revealed that the reduction of FED has facilitated the production of fake cigarette producers, as the surveillance and monitoring by the concerned authorities is already weak.

Read more at The Express Tribune.

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