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OpSec News Round-Up 7/26/2011

Posted by admin on Jul 26, 2011 9:39:49 AM
Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Golf Clubs Have Become Rampant


Imagine this dream scenario: You buy a new set of golf clubs and invite your buddies to play a round of golf on a Saturday afternoon.

Your friends, in deference to you with the new sticks, give you the honors on the first tee. It’s a straight-shot par-5, and you pull out your shiny, new driver. “Look at this,” you say. “Isn’t it pretty?”

You get up to the box at No. 1 and take a few practice swings. “Watch, this one is going to go 300 yards,” you say. Your backswing is smooth, your downswing is spot on and you make perfect impact with the ball.

Now, this is where the scene turns into a nightmare: The clubhead flies off the end of the shaft, traveling farther onto the first fairway than the ball, which squirts off into the bushes on the left.

Read more from The Miami Herald.

Customs Seized Counterfeit Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana Handbags


Miami, Florida - United States Customs and Border Protection officers at the Port of Miami recently seized a shipment of counterfeit designer handbags with a total retail value of nearly $1.2 million.
For full story, please visit Imperial Valley News.

Alternate Reality: Counterfeiting Business is Growing


An entire fake Apple store in China, selling the latest high-tech goods, is just the latest twist in the growing business of counterfeiting.

A blogger travelling in Kunming in Yunnan province reported the amazing attention to detail in the store, with its sleek design as well as the staff’s electric blue T-shirts with official Apple insignia.

To read more, please visit The Star.

Fake Alcohol Risks Lives and Costs UK Hundreds of Millions


Fake alcohol for sale in shops, bars and clubs is putting lives at risk as counterfeiters try to make money, Sky News has found.

Chemicals used in anti-freeze, screen-wash and cleaning fluid have been discovered in spirits, beer and wine up and down the country.

For full coverage, please visit Sky News.

Twelve Million Cigarettes Seized in Gateshead Raid


Twelve million counterfeit cigarettes have been discovered during a search of a warehouse in Gateshead.

HM Revenue and Customs officers said it took three lorries to remove the haul and a full day to count the cigarettes.

To read more, please visit BBC News.
NAFDAC seeks Interpol Assistance on Fake Drugs


The Federal Government has enlisted the services of the International Police (Interpol) to check counterfeit drugs.

The global market for drug counterfeiting annually is put at between $75billion and $200billion.

Read more at The Nation Online.

Hunting For a Deal May Get you More or Less than you Bargained For

With the popularity of extreme couponing booming and the prices of gas and food rising, one thing is clear.

Canadians want to save a buck.

But in the effort to save money, consumers may be putting their finances and their well-being at risk by going for bargains that seem too good to be true.

For full story, please visit Yahoo! News Canada.

Potentially Lethal Cigarettes Being Sold in Gloucester


Controversial Jin Ling fags, which contain industrial chemicals, are being flogged at a city convenience store.

The notorious black market cigarettes were imported into the UK from China and have prompted warnings from health experts.

Hundreds of packets have been seized by trading standards around the country so far this year, and tests show some are lined with dangerous asbestos.

Read more at This is Gloucestershire.

Dangers of Fake Cigarettes


WIGAN smokers were today being warned about the added dangers of couterfeit tobacco after a haul was confiscated during a raid on a local pound shop.

After receiving a number of tip-offs from the public, Wigan Council’s Trading Standards officers organised the raid which led to the seizure of 1,300 cigarettes and 1.2kg of hand rolled tobacco from an unnamed budget store in Leigh town centre.

For more on this story, please visit Wigan Today.

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