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OpSec News Round-Up 8/11/11

Posted by admin on Aug 11, 2011 9:17:18 AM
Over 10,000 Counterfeit Watches Seized


SHARJAH — In a bid to clamp down on commercial fraud in the region, the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) along with Casio led an initial raid in Sharjah, where over 10,440 fake watches were seized this summer.

On June 22, the search resulted in the confiscation of 5,540 counterfeit watches, and a subsequent raid on July 13 saw 4,900 fake watches seized by the authorities.

This initiative was taken in order to combat trade in counterfeit goods and protect consumer rights.

To read more, please visit The Khaleej Times.

ContiTech Takes Action in the Fight Against Counterfeit Drive Belts


CLEVELAND, Ohio – With the assistance of ContiTech’s Power Transmission Group, local police in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, have seized and destroyed more than 10,000 illegally copied drive belts and packaging items featuring the ContiTech logo.

To read more, please visit After Market News.

Counterfeit Drugs a Growing Concern


Antigua St John's - Pharmacists from across the Caribbean are meeting in Antigua this week amidst growing discussion on the sale of drugs on the local market without English labelling.

President of the Antigua Pharmaceutical Society Algernon Roberts said this is among the issues to be raised during the 31st Caribbean Association of Pharmacists conference at the Royal Antiguan Hotel this week. But Roberts sees this issue as part of a bigger one, ie the trafficking of counterfeit drugs through Latin America and the Caribbean. In fact, he said a special workshop will take place during the conference where the matter will be dealt with in detail.

For full story, please visit Caribarena.

Counterfeiting Products is a Serious Crime


Drew Gough misses the mark about the true scope of the counterfeiting problem. His cursory observation that counterfeits are more silly than sinister fails to reveal what's really going on behind the scenes - and making its way into Canada.

While counterfeit products are ubiquitous in Asian countries mentioned in the article, virtually all forms of products are counterfeited and many are sold right here in Canada to unassuming customers.

To read more please visit The Vancouver Sun.

Jury Convicts Man in Counterfeiting Case


BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A Baton Rouge man has been convicted by a federal jury on charges that he possessed nearly $9,000 in counterfeit currency.

For full story, please visit Times Union.

China Awash with Counterfeit Vintage Wine


BEIJING — Long known for its fake designer handbags and watches, China is now battling a flood of counterfeit vintage wine amid a growing zest for bottles from famed wineries as a sign of social standing.

With average consumption just one litre per person per year, China may not have an age-old wine tradition, but it is catching up fast and is expected to become the world's sixth largest wine consumer by 2014.

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Laptop Pioneers Apple Find Themselves Copied by Counterfeit Stores


It has been a battle of the brands. Except in this case the brand was the same each side; or at least mimetically. In recent news from prpro.co.uk, it has been announced that Chinese officials in Kunming have ordered the closure of two fake Apple shops.

Although the shops were in fact selling genuine, bona fide Apple products, they weren't carrying the official Apple logo and therefore did not qualify as a genuine store.

Please read more from The Sacramento Bee.

Counterfeit Apparel Confiscated in Raid


Inkster -- Hundreds of counterfeit designer items are in police custody after authorities confiscated it during an undercover investigation in Inkster Thursday.

The items were confiscated when authorities carried out a raid of the Dollar Palace Plus on the 27000-block of Cherry Hill in Inkster. Inkster's chief of police tells Local 4, authorities had received complaints about the store selling counterfeit designer goods.

For full story, please visit Click on Detroit.

Fighting Counterfeits


If last month’s uncovering of at least five fake Apple stores in Kumming, the capital city of Yunnan Province in Southwest China, wasn’t so shocking, it would have been laughable.

While the attention to detail in mimicking a real Apple Store was amazing, whether or not the products were legitimate remains undetermined. But whatever the case, the discovery was a hallmark of the times.

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Call for Electronics Counterfeit Protection


Recently proposed legislation that imposes harsher penalties on those who counterfeit and sell military parts is a good first step, but the government also needs to change its purchasing methods to keep counterfeits out of the supply chain, says a board member from the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association.

For full story, please visit Aviation Week.

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