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OpSec News Round-Up: 9/13/2011

Posted by admin on Sep 13, 2011 7:04:02 AM
Customs Shreds Counterfeit Luxury Shoes, Bags


MANILA, Philippines—Already on the way out, Customs Commissioner Angelito Alvarez continues to deliver.

Alvarez led on Tuesday, in the shredding of fake branded shoes, bags and accessories confiscated in 2010 and would have sold for P100 million in the streets.

He said that in 2011 alone, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) had seized P1.3-billion worth of counterfeit products from January to August.

For full story, please visit Inquirer News.

Lady Who Sold Fake Cisco Gear Sentenced to Jail


We all know not to buy routers and servers from the guy in the trench coat hawking networking equipment on the street corner, but it turns out hardware-counterfeiting operations have become a bit more complicated in recent years.

A District Court judge in Virginia has ordered 43-year-old Chun-Yu Zhao to pay $2.7 million in restitution for selling counterfeit Cisco equipment. Zhao was also sentenced to 60 months in prison and stripped of her U.S. citizenship.

To read more on this story, please visit CNET News.

Counterfeit Pesticides Threaten Food Safety


HCM CITY — Producers of illegal and counterfeit pesticides, users, and society should realise that these products are severely affecting farmers, the environment, and food safety, experts said.

D'Arcy Quinn of plant science industry association CropLife International said illegal pesticides – defined as those not registered with Vietnamese crop authorities – and fakes destroyed crops, caused losses to farmers, and caused food loss and food safety problems.

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday to kick off his organisation's Counterfeit Pesticides Prevention Week, he said these products had caused some agricultural products to be banned in other countries and put consumers and the environment at risk.

For full story, pleae visit VietNamNews.

Flea Market Raid Nets $1 Million in Fake Goods


More than $1 million worth of counterfeit merchandise was seized in a weekend raid at a Cobb County flea market.

Forty Marietta police officers uncovered purses, wallets, jewelry and assorted clothing, all believed to be fake versions of designer brands, while executing search warrants Saturday at the Franklin Road market, Officer David Baldwin said.

Read more at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

2 1/2 Years for Counterfeit Exercise Equipment

LOS ANGELES—A Southern California man has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in federal prison for importing counterfeit exercise equipment.Federal prosecutors say 37-year-old Sok Hun Jin of Los Angeles was also ordered Monday to pay a $6,000 fine and pay $60,000 restitution to the manufacturer of legitimate Ab Circle Pro machines.

To read more on this story, please visit  San Jose Mercury News.

AFP: US Offers Drugs Plan at Trans-Pacific Trade Talks


CHICAGO — The United States on Monday called for the removal of tariffs and stronger intellectual property protections for medicines within the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact.

The US Trade Representative said the proposal is aimed at promoting trade in generic and innovative medicines, while guaranteeing pharmaceutical producers intellectual property rights.

The USTR proposal was made at negotiations in Chicago with eight trading partners -- Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam -- over the creation of the regional trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

For full story, please visit Google Hosted News.

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