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Posted by admin on Jul 6, 2011 5:10:45 AM
Each month, OpSec will highlight an important and impactful seizure of counterfeit goods.

This month, we turn to Louisville, Kentucky, where Federal Customs Officers seized a shipment of counterfeit watches valued at one million dollars at a local UPS facility.

The interception of this million dollar shipment included counterfeit watches bearing brand names like Armani, Cartier, Lacoste, and Breitling.  The shipment was en route to a business address in Texas before being intercepted and seized at the UPS consignment facility in Louisville.

The officers at this UPS facility have intercepted over 1,100 other shipments of counterfeit goods valued at roughly $20 million just in this fiscal year.  Watches however, have not been the only goods seized.  Among the many counterfeit items that have been intercepted are fake cell phones, fake computers, and unauthorized Disney and Apple branded products and clothing.

In a news release following the seizure, David Murphy, Chicago CBP Director of Field Operations has been quoted in his comments on the incident, “This is an outstanding example of how we protect the American Public from high priced sub standard counterfeit goods.”

For full coverage, please visit Fox 41.

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