Sky’s the limit: A global view on domain protection

Sky’s the limit: A global view on domain protection
By Sky’s the limit: A global view on domain protection

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In today’s business environment, domain management is critical to the health of your brand.

Domains form the core of any brand identity and play a role in wider cyber security efforts. Nowhere is this more evident than it is with global brands.

Nisha Parkash understands the challenge. As the Online Compliance & Brand Protection Manager for Sky TV and Broadband, she maintains a focus on effective domain management, with dedicated staff looking after different elements of the brand.

Parkash will deliver an insightful webinar discussing domain management, answering questions about the best time to register a domain name, what to do if someone else owns the one you want – and what makes gTLDs worth exploring.

Her industry experience is rooted in a stint at MarkMonitor, where she worked before transitioning over to Sky. Over the last seven years, she has managed the Sky domain portfolio, initially covering the UK and Ireland, but subsequently incorporating Spain, Switzerland, Austria, the Middle East, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

On a day-to-day basis, Parkash ensures a strategy around domain name registrations, addresses brand protection – including trademarks – and works to mitigate risks of infringement. Joined by Nancy DeMond, Portfolio Marketing Manager at MarkMonitor, she will explore new gTLDs, ccTLD basics and give practical advice on how to tackle domain management in a fast-changing environment.

The webinar will happen on Thursday, September 26 at 8am PT | 11am ET | 4pm BST. Register now to secure your spot.

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