Social Media: Insights into Consumer Behaviour

Chrissie Jamieson
By Chrissie Jamieson

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Social media plays an undeniable role in our everyday lives.

It also plays an integral role the lives of your consumers, and is likely an important component of your company’s consumer engagement programs. But, do you feel like you understand your consumers behaviour on social media? What do they care most about? What challenges do they face when using these platforms?

Consumers use social media to shop, connect with friends and family, organise events and keep up to date with what’s going on with their network. MarkMonitor wanted to better understand how consumers behave on social media, so we surveyed 2,603 global consumers to find out their thoughts, perceptions and experiences around the use of social media.

Brand owners can benefit from better understanding what consumers care about, what concerns they have and how they can improve their engagements on social media.

Some of the key highlights of the research include:

• 92% of consumers have concerns about shopping via social media but over a third still do it
• Consumers are still falling victim to fraudsters online — 31% have unintentionally bought a fake product, 23% of which were bought via social media
• 63% of shoppers don’t believe brands are doing enough to protect them

We’ll discuss these and other findings from the 2019 Global Consumer Survey during a webinar on 18 September 2019.

Click here to find out more or to register.

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