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The Increasing Sophistication of Counterfeiters

Posted by Mark Turnage on Aug 14, 2013 10:40:00 AM

I'm Mark Turnage, and I want to talk about how OpSec helps its clients with
enforcement of their proprietary rights.

So one of the questions we're asked is: If OpSec can authenticate a
product through the supply chain and find ways tht that product is being
sold online unlawfully, what do you then do about it?

And what OpSec does about it is we work extremely closely with our clients on a broad variety
of enforcement activities that allow us and allow our clients to go and
enforce their rights against the counterfeiters.

Let me give you some examples. OpSec has gone with its clients on raids of
counterfeiters' establishments to be able to be onsite to authenticate
products and tell law enforcement officials whether product in that
establishment is, in fact, fake. We go in with the clients, we will
accompany them on these raids, and allow them to access the technologies
and see whether this product is real or fake, and with law enforcement
there onsite with us.

Secondly, we work with our clients to identify counterfeits. Oftentimes our
clients will send counterfeits to us and ask us to forensically identify
those for law enforcement or for judicial purposes. So we provide an entire
array of forensic services on counterfeits so that our clients know that
they can go into a court of law and actively enforce their rights against
the counterfeiters.

In the online space, what OpSec does is it actively goes into the online
environment and combats counterfeiting. For example, on behalf of a client,
we will go to an auction site, to a broad variety of auction sites and
actively, on a daily basis, shut down auctions of known counterfeit
merchandise. If you're a brand owner and we are working on your behalf, and
we see a counterfeit product being sold on an auction platform, we will go
into the auction platform and shut those products down.

In a file sharing network, in a file sharing environment, we will penetrate
those file sharing environments and actively work to identify who the first
placers are of media that should not be on those sites. So for example, if
somebody is actively placing movies or actively placing music onto file
sharing networks, we have helped law enforcement identify who the first
seeder is, who's the first person who's putting that onto that file sharing
network, and it's resulted in a broad variety of stings and seizures
globally to help our clients enforce their digital rights.

Many geographies around the world, however, have very weak legal systems to
allow our customers to enforce their rights, and in those environments we
have to be creative with our clients in designing enforcement solutions. An
example of that would be our new mobile authentication platforms, where we
actually enlist the consumer to be the eyes and ears on the ground and tell
us where the counterfeits are being sold and whether a product is in fact a
counterfeit or not.

So there are a broad variety of solutions that we can use working with our
clients, working with their lawyers, working with private investigators,
that allow our customers to actively enforce their proprietary rights with
respect to their brands.

OpSec is a uniquely positioned company. With our global platform and with
our deep and fundamental knowledge of the issues associated with
counterfeiting, we're uniquely positioned to help our customers address
these problems.

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